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Father explains why he set his 5 children on fire

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Man reveals why he lit his five stepchildren in Ondo on fire: “Their mother provoked them against me after I paid her N600 to make supper.”

Father explains why he set his 5 children on fire

Joseph Ojo, 64, the father of the five stepchildren, claimed responsibility for setting them on fire.

He explained that he did it because the children had allegedly joined their mother in beating him.

On Saturday, November 5, Ojo set fire to the kids at his house in Ondo town, the Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo State seat in the Fagun Crescent neighbourhood.

Two of the children died at the hospital, while one died from burn injuries received in the blaze.

On November 9, the suspect said that after giving his wife N600 to cook food for him and the family, she turned her five children against him. This statement was made during his parade at the State Police headquarters in Akure.

Ojo claimed that his wife frequently denied him food, even though he paid her to prepare meals for the family and him.

However, he claimed that the wife did not prepare meals for him, which resulted in a disagreement between them while the kids allegedly alternated between hitting him.

Ojo expressed dissatisfaction with the situation and said he had to search his sawer machine for gasoline, which he then poured into the children’s room before setting them on fire.

The suspect added that the victim’s mother was his fourth wife and that he has 10 children from those marriages.

He claimed that two of his wives had left him following a small argument, and the third had passed away sometime prior.

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“I am 64 years old. I have married four wives. I did not strangulate my first wife. I have 10 children from different women,” he said. 

“The one I married last if I give her money and she buys food, she does not give me food. She does not wash my clothes. She always fights me, despite giving me money.

“We have been together for two years. She and her children used to fight and beat me. They are always fighting. She will not fetch water for me. She fights the whole street. She always fights me alongside her children. They always beat me.

“We fought the day I set the children ablaze. We did not use to quarrel over sex. Everybody in the street knows the children used to beat me. We fought the night I set them ablaze.”

According to the police spokeswoman, Funmi Odunlami, three of the youngsters have perished as a result of burn-related injuries, and two more are considered to be in danger.

Odunlami claimed that Ojo set the five stepchildren on fire while keeping his 18-month-old twins in a separate room, and that their mother also suffered injuries while attempting to save her children.

According to her, Ojo admitted to giving his wife N600 but not receiving food the night he committed the act. He claimed this made him angry enough to set the children on fire.

The suspect would shortly face charges in court, according to the PPRO.

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