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Fitness exercises couples can do together (part 1)

by Adenike Akindude
Fitness exercises couples can do together (part 1).dailyfamily.ng

Good and sound health is very important for the family generally but it is especially important for a husband and wife to keep remain healthy and fit.

Couples keeping fit and healthy will be able to maintain their family properly because only a person that is healthy that can help others to be healthy and this include the children.

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5 different exercises couples can do together to keep fit

  • Going for a walk

Taking a walk as a couple can be very interesting as you can go better distance beyond a person doing it alone. When going on a walk, you should walk briskly which is different from the usual way we walk.

To make your walk interesting, you can use that moment to discuss certain issues or share jokes with each other so as not to get tired early but take into consideration the level of the strength of your partner.

Fitness exercises couples can do together (part 1).dailyfamily.ng

Couple going for a walk


  • Partner Push up

Doing push-ups as a couple can be a bit different from the usual push-up a person does because in this type, your partner is there to apply resistance.

How do you do this?

The first person should be in the position of a push-up, which means you lie on your tummy, elbows bent, palm on the floor, your legs straight and you are set.

The other partner will stand above the one on the floor and place his or her hand on the upper back of the partner.

As the second person is pushing up, the other partner’s hand works as resistance pressing the body back gently. When the partner feels fatigued, the other partner can take the position of push-up.

Fitness exercises couples can do together (part 1).dailyfamily.ng

Partner push up

  • Push up High five

This is another fitness exercise just like the push-up. When doing this, couples should face each other arm length apart in a push-up position.

Do a push-up with your elbow bending 90 degrees, go back to starting position and then give each other a high five with your arms stretched straight. Continue to do this until you feel fatigued.

Fitness exercises couples can do together (part 1).dailyfamily.ng

Push up high five

  • Swimming stretch

Both partners should lay on the stomach then face each other head-to-head with your arms outstretched. Place hands outstretched on each other’s and lift your head, chest, arms, and legs for a start.

Fix your chest on the floor and paddle the arms that are on top of each other and your legs in a swimming motion.

Keep shoulders away from your ears, continue to paddle for 5 long breaths, reaching and lengthening with each paddle, then, you can switch hand placement for a full set.

Fitness exercises couples can do together (part 1).dailyfamily.ng

Swimming stretch

  • Alternating box jumps

Place a 6 to 10 inch box between the both of you facing each other.

Be in a squat position and take turns jumping on and off the box, try to land lightly from each jump. After landing, let your partner do the same.

You can choose to join hands while jumping for a balance. Continue jumping for about 15 times each.

Fitness exercises couples can do together (part 1).dailyfamily.ng

Alternating box jump

While trying to work out as a couple, you must do exercises that will not cause a strain for your partner. If it is possible, consult a trainer to suggest the suitable moves for you and your partner.

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Couple workout will help both partner to bond better and look after each other’s health and well-being. To get the best result do not relent but try harder.

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