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Five Parenting Skills Every Parent Must Learn

by O. S David

Five Parenting Skills Every Parent Must Learn

There are five basic types of parenting skills when we classify them according to the children’s ages. Knowing these parenting skills help parents rightly guide the children in the right way.

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Moreover, it enables parents to determine what parenting style to adopt as your child moves from one level of development to the other.

Below are the five parenting styles every parent must know.

Total Parenting:

The years between zero and six embrace infants, toddlers and preschoolers age. This calls for total parenting. This is because the child is totally dependent on his/her parents. They think for him/her and take all decisions on his/her behalf. The parents fight to protect the child and do practically everything for him.

This kind of parenting is only suitable for young ones of the ages above, as soon as the child begins to grow, the parenting style must change.

Semi-Total Parenting:

This is the parenting method that is appropriate for children between 7 and 12 (mid-childhood and pre-teen children). Particularly, the child between 10 and 12 is close to the teen years- not yet there, yet he/she can see and feel it. Thus, with him/her parenting cannot be total. He comes under close supervision while his parents allow him/her to do some things by himself/herself.

It will be totally wrong to adopt total parenting for a preteen. If you do, you may be setting the stage for turbulent parenting when the child becomes a teenager, as he may likely rebel.

Cooperative Parenting:

The best way to nurture a child between 13and 19 years is by cooperation. That is, to support and reasonably consider his feelings while taking decisions on which affect him. You must stop dictating to him/her, as a matter of fact, he /she is neither a toddler nor in his/her pre-teen years when total and semi-total are appropriate parenting styles.

Supportive Parenting:

Supportive parenting is the next level of parenting as soon as a child reaches 20. For more details above this get a copy of ‘Parenting Adult Children’ by Bisi Adewale.

Shadow Parenting:

This is the proper, parenting style as soon as a child gets married.

The above article was culled from Parenting Teenagers, a book by Bisi Adewale.

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