Mr Ladi Williams is jointly involved with his wife in a catering business. He actually support his wife who runs a small chops business and have also come to set up at The Experience 2017.

In this exclusive interview with him, Mr Williams the co founder of Jabi meals, he told DAILY FAMILY that on the scale of 100 percent, the recently concluded The Experience concert had brought about a 70% sales increase for their outfit.


Good afternoon sir can we meet you?
My name is Ladi Williams.


What is the name of your business outfit?
Our catering outfit is called Jabi meals.

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What is Jabi meals all about?

Basically we make small chops and we have also revolutionized the small chops industry by making puff puff in different flavours. We have strawberry puff puff, we have chocolate we have sprinkles. We just change the game basically.


You said you have strawberry puff puff. How were you able to mix a blend of strawberry with puff puff?

Basically we have our secret ingredients just the way Coca cola have their own. So when you taste it you will actually see that you are actually tasting strawberry.


As a business owner and an Entrepreneur how has the Experience affected your business?

The experience is a huge crowd, it’s a huge turn up and we have been able to make some really good sales because a lot of people are here, a lot of people are hungry and they find our brand very interesting, so it’s going good. It a good a experience.

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So what has been your experience setting up here?

I won’t lie, it is hectic. It is hectic. A little problem here are there, with getting your store, some people stole our table but we were able to rent table. So its been a struggle but we thank God we were able to sell.


On a scale of 100 percent how will you rate your sales here at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS)?

We are good with 70%.


That means you are making good profit here?

Yes its pretty cool and I am expecting more sales.

Food vendor rejoices at huge sales made at The Experience 2017
Food vendor rejoices at huge sales made at The Experience 2017

Sir are you single or married?

It is actually my wife that runs the business but I help her out with the little I can.

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