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Four Major Things That Can Make A Husband Sexually Fulfilled

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Four Major Things That Can Make A Husband Sexually Fulfilled


(1) Frequency
Increase in sexual frequency is one thing every man desires. They seem to have enough energy to have sex any time, any day. Frequent sex can make the day of your man and turn him into the lover boy you’ve always dreamt of. Your man is in need of frequent sex, just the way you are in need of more love, care, attention and affection.

If you really desire his love and support, then go ahead this week, surprise him, give him sex this week Sunday to Sunday. You are just a lover girl who wants a better marriage, try it and see what will happen to your marriage. He will give you peace, no anger, no fighting. Do this once in three months, call for “quarterly bash”. This will turn you to the number one person in the life of your man. Don’t forget, your man needs frequent sex.

(2) Involvement. Another thing from our men’s sexual fulfillment square is involvement. Your man wants an “involved wife”, a woman who participates during sex, not a dry, drab and indifferent woman, a do-whatever-you-want-to-do-and-let-let-me-sleep woman, a bedroom “write off”.
You should not be:
a. An obligatory lady. Sees sex just as an obligation, “to give peace a chance” and for baby making. Bedroom write-off woman. Not performing, ignorant and a bedroom failure.

c. An on and off lady. Can be good exciting in the bedroom today, thrill the man and touch him to the bone marrow, but in the next three months she will be “off duty” nothing moves her, nothing arouses her until the next two or three months when her “on day” comes.

d. You should become an exciting wife. A woman who has learnt not just how to give her husband sex but also how to love sex and look forward to it, gives her best, gives room for varieties and invitations to her husband.

Which one are you? Be frank with yourself, if you are not yet an “involved” and exciting wife, please change and become better in the bedroom. Be involved from foreplay to afterglow; learn to be a “giver” not just a receiver. Give him “a treat” always, never allow him to go elsewhere. Prove to him that you are more than enough for him. I know that if your husband complains about your food and dressing, you will quickly adjust, but why have you not adjusted to his complaints about your poor sexual performance. To make your husband fulfilled, get involved. Put sex on your priority list, it is a very important “issue”. Give it your attention, improve and become better.
3. Excitement. Nothing satisfies a man like a “bedroom excited wife”. Your man doesn’t just want you to be involved in bed; he wants you to be happy, joyful and excited as he makes love to you. Some women are known to look sad and moody, as their husbands make love to them. Get excited, you are at the center of the will of God if you are doing it with your husband. If you allow other men to sleep with you, that is when you should feel sad and sorry for yourself.
Your level of excitement will determine the level of enjoyment both of you will experience.

There are three types of enjoyment a man derives from making love:
– Visual enjoyment. They enjoy seeing their wives naked, in underwear, in a sexy mood, reacting to their thrusting etc. Your man will be happy to see your naked breast, buttocks, vulva etc. That is why you must not insist on having sex only in darkness or cover yourself from head to the toe when you are with him. Be “careless” with your dressing in his presence. Be generous with your nakedness when he is with you, never allow other ladies to show him what you are hiding from him bearing in mind that men are moved by what they see.

– Reactionary enjoyment. This is based on your reaction, his touch, kissing, fondling, stroking, massaging, penetration of his penis into your vagina, thrusting and ejaculation. When you react excitedly to all these, you will boost the ego of your man, making him feel like a real man and ultimately make his day
– Final enjoyment. This is when he ejaculates into your vagina, please note that when a man ejaculates, it does not mean that he has reached orgasm. He can ejaculate without really enjoying himself, what will make him reach orgasm with his ejaculation is your performance in bed. During foreplay and thrusting, your “generosity” with your nakedness and your excitement in bed will do him good.

Get excited, love making is not war, it is a gift from God in marriage. Let there be joy in the house, do it with happiness, deal with moodiness, stop having sex in anger or sadness. Be willing, be available, be a total wife, a terrific one. I will advise you to attend our terrific wives seminar and take our terrific wives courses (it is a weekend course). Always remember that if you are not a terrific wife, you will be a terrible one.

4. Variety. Another thing that will greatly satisfy your husband and make him fulfilled sexually is varieties. Some ungodly men sleep around trying to know how it feels to sleep with a variety of women. You can become seven-wives-in-one for your husband. How can you achieve that? Give room for varieties, don’t insist on one style. Decide to be on top once in a while. Change venue, re-decorate your bedroom, let him be the passive sex partner sometimes while you become the active partner whether in foreplay, thrusting and everything.

Go ahead and apply these strategies and see a happier man.


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