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‘Get a political god-father’ Ashimolowo tells Young Aspirants.

by Israel Akintunji
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Senior Pastor of Kingsway international Christian Centre (KICC) Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has given Nigerians conditions to consider before choosing who will govern the country in 2019.

Pastor Ashimolowo in an interview with Seun Okinbaloye on Channels TV enjoins Nigerians to be at alert citing that 2019 elections is critical to the country.

when asked about his view concerning the current  state of the country, the clergy man frankly expressed his dissatisfaction with the state of the economy.

In my honest opinion as a 66 years old Nigerian who will not worry about if somebody likes what I’ve said or not, I am Worried, I’m Concerned and I’m also embarrassed”

He said Nigerians should not vote for any candidate by assumption that one will fight corruption or the other will bring money into the economy, he encouraged Nigerians to demand their manifestos

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“We must try to know their manifestos….. We need a roadmap that shows us in 15, 20 years what they want to do”

He encouraged everyone  to see ourselves as one and join political parties

“Let’s forget 1914, let’s see ourselves as people who destiny time and and opportunity has brought together”

He said the reason we have not see changes is because we see the same people doing it all the time. He encouraged Nigerians regardless of ethnic or religion to join politics.

Speaking on god-fatherism, he said youths should get political godfathers to be able to grow, according to him godfatherism is biblical.

“go and find one, are you shocked? in the bible there are god fathers”

He explained the case of Daniel that Ashpenaz was his god father, he further related to advanced world that what we call godfather is called intern in advanced world.

He said “There is no American President who was not an intern under some president somewhere”

To him we need a president who will embrace investment, a president who will not be nepotic and a president who will provide robust educational system

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