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Gifts parents can give to appreciate teachers

by Abbey Lily
Gifts parents can give to appreciate teachers.dailyfamily.ng

Today is World Teachers day and teachers all over the world are being celebrated.

Gifts parents can give to appreciate teachers.dailyfamily.ng

Gifts parents can give to appreciate teachers.

If you are a parent, It will not be out of place if you could surprise your children’s school teachers with a special gift just to show appreciation for the impact they are making in their young lives.

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Doing this will make them know that you value them not just because they are passing knowledge to their children but that you honour their person.

While a gift could be of any form, size, value but to mention a few, the intention behind the gesture is the most significant.

In the view to honouring your children teachers, here are gifts you could give them:

1. Clothes
It could be a traditional attire or an English wear; it doesn’t have to be expensive. It can also be an office wear. They will appreciate it.

2. Nice greeting cards
You can get a blank greetings card and write a nice word without flattery on it about the teacher from what your children have been telling you about him/her and what you have seen too. It makes the teacher happy

3. Cash Gifts
Cash gifts can also be a great idea. The intention for the cash gift is more important than the amount.

4. Recharge Card
Since it is expected that you will have the phone numbers of your children’s school teachers, you can buy a recharge card and send him/her.

5. Take them out for a treat
Who says a teacher doesn’t need that pat on their body? A good spa will be a good idea

6. Books
Buying books is a very good idea. Since they are teachers, they will love to read good books that can help them increase their capacity.

7. Singlet
This is a sensitive gift to give. Since the teacher is a male, fathers to children should give him so that it will not be misunderstood.

8. Picture frame
Get a picture frame that he/she can put his picture. You could put the teacher’s picture in the frame if you have one, or a picture showing words of appreciation.

9. Perfume
Perfumes are also good gifts to give anybody. Everybody loves to smell good.

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10. Meal/Movie ticket
You can decide to take the teacher out for a special treat. Going to the cinema to watch a movie together or giving out a meal ticket to an eatery.

11. Gadgets
You can also gift gadgets, it can be a laptop, phone, tablets etc

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