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God Asked Me to Marry My Sister, Man Claims

by Adenike Akindude
God Asked Me to Marry My Sister, Man Claims.dailyfamily.ng

God Asked Me to Marry My Sister, Man Claims

A 25-year-old man, Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe, has revealed that his marriage to his 17-year-old sister was directed by God and his sister also has a confirmation from God through a vision.

God Asked Me to Marry My Sister, Man Claims.dailyfamily.ng

The two siblings and couple

Chiadi claims that he had never proposed to his teenage sister when God also revealed to his sister in a vision that the both of them should get married.

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According to Sunday Sun, Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe said: “We didn’t just jump into this marriage thing because we can do it, God showed it to me and not only me, it was shown to other people in this family. God asked me to marry my sister, yes, and I didn’t propose to my sister. Sometimes you may have vision, you just keep it, and in the process, she got the same vision and spoke out because if she had not had the vision, I would not have been able to speak about it.

“I have tried to feel ashamed, guilty or sober since this thing happened, but no way. I feel fine and at home. I have asked God to make me feel bad and guilty if I have done evil, but I am not feeling any of such.”

The marriage which Chiadi claim had not been formalized has been fixed for dissolution on March 24th, 2018 by the Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekwulobia, Rev. Fr. Igunatus Onwuatuegwu.

On the date fixed, the marriage which is seen as an abomination will be formally dissolved and there will be the cleansing of the land according to the tradition of the church.

Chiadi who had earlier claimed that God led him into the marriage later succumbed to the dissolution after the intervention of so many people. He, however, claimed that their family is fully aware of their marriage.

He said the sins of their father is part of what led to the marriage, he added: “My father was into sorcery and magic and all the rest of them, and it is now coming upon us and we want to remove it from our generation. He was also involved in so many other things that were deep, so we are trying to clear so many things from that family, that’s even how this marriage came up, but people do not understand and they chase shadow without going to the root.

I know the reason this marriage came not only to me but the entire family, just that it was like the lot fell on me and I said okay let’s accept this thing, it is a deep thing.”

Chiadi also confirmed that the marriage had not been formalized, he said: “We just proposed to marry, we have not gone far into it, no dowry, no ceremony. We just said we have accepted this thing, let’s do it before the thing spread and the whole noise started.”

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