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Grandfather of 3-year-old jailed boy beg for his release

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Grandfather of a 3-year-old jailed boy has appealed for the release of his grandson Tamim Jabandi 3-year-old jailed Tunisian boy was a victim of his parent’s sins.His Parents went to join The Islamic State group in Libya and they were killed in the battle.

Tamim has been in prison in Tripoli since then.He had his two years birthday in prison and the third one is fast approaching on April 30.
Children given birth to by members Of the Islamic State group or those of them that were brought to Libya by their parents are scattered all over various prisons in Libya.
Tamim is among thousands of children wasting away in Libyan Prison and they are been looked after by a woman who herself was a fighter with the Islamic state group and now serving her jail term..
Trabelsi, the grandfather of Tamim is begging for his grandson to be released.
“What is this young child’s sin that he is jail with criminals?”He asked.
Ïf he grows up there, what kind of attitude will he have towards his homeland?”.
For Trabelsi, nothing matters to him for now than to take Tamim home with him and give him a good upbringing.He begged The United States Of America to help him release Tamim.


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