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Growing your Business through Networking

by Family Center
Growing your Business through Networking - dailyfamily.ng

Growing businesses these days and making profit have gone beyond just making advert placement on various platforms you can come by. It has metamorphosed into speaking and sitting with the right people, networking amongst a set of people who will be in demand for it.

Most of the time we get opportunities to meet with people, either at a social function, dialogue over a coffee table or sit with some old friends to talk, but then, such discussions could translate into more profit for you when you maximize it well, channeling your talks into the productive activity of making more profit or bringing in new client into your line of business.

As the days unfold, networking as a cheap form of advert becomes more important or let’s say popular as it has landed many into a productive business association, and thus earned sufficient income.

Although networking in the very sense of it doesn’t yield instantaneous sales like some might have pictured it but gradually becomes a tool for successful business growth when you eventually come to know some importance of keeping the right association.

Networking doesn’t just happen miraculously like some might have tagged it; it is the deliberate act of positioning yourself amongst influential people, or people who you think will buy into what you sell. Actually, it is much more than selling. Selling is always a one-way traffic, but networking involves forming a relationship that will lead to many selling opportunities beyond your present business.

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Networking involves building a good association with your church members, attending a friend’s family function or attending club meetings. Most of the time the latter has ‘seemingly’ been the best way people network, but then networking can happen anywhere and will yield greater result only if business owners or business contacts maximize the full power of networking.

However, as sweet as networking might look like in this piece, it involves quite a lot of commitment. You can’t just belong to an association and not be committed to it. When you are after building a good clientele base, it is advised that you keep a proper record of those you meet so as to keep in touch with each prospect and build a greater relationship that will translate into huge business success.


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An advocate of zero capital entrepreneurship, Mrs Janet Anwo once said that.

“Building relationships is one skill that is priceless and better than capital itself. A young woman who is skilled in the art of dressing hair does not need a start-up capital. All she needs is a network of people whom she can service from house to house”.

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