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Have you heard of prayers that sound like gossip?

by Family Center
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Not everyone is really praying and I tell you, some prayer points can just be funny. Some people in their closet, in their churches, have made prayer sound like another gossip. Can you imagine praying as though you were reporting someone to the whole congregation?

And such prayer will start like this…

“People of God, let’s remember Brother Raphael in our Prayers. He has Gonorrhea and doctors said they are even screening him for HIV too, but we know that our God can heal him. So brothers and sisters let’s pray for divine healing, pray, pray, pray.”

“Brethren let’s remember Sister Amanda and Brother Emma in our prayers. Sister Amanda is presently pregnant for bro Emma but bro Emma is not ready for marriage now, you know they are not married right? Ok…. He told her to abort but she refused, the situation is tearing them and their families apart. Let’s pray to God for peace & amicable settlement”

Children of God’s kingdom, let’s remember Mr and Mrs Mathew, in our prayers, Mr Mathew left Mrs Mathew, for one young sister Stella in the choir. And some of the congregants will be like;

I have also predicted that this will happen after he had severally tailed Stella up and down

The prayer leader continues.

That light skinned slim sister that works in the Bank, Hmmm…. Let’s pray that God will restore Mr & Mrs Mathew’s marriage o. Brethren pray open your mouth and pray. The Lord will answer us.

“And finally before we close. Let us lift sister Nkiru before the Lord. She has been suspended from her place of work due to some issues of fraud in her office. We know she is innocent. Even though she has been wearing expensive Jewelry lately plus that new car she just bought. Let’s pray that as the police are carrying out their investigations. Those things will not be seized in Jesus name. Please praaaaay. She is one of us oh. Pray pray, pray!!!

Jesus has taught us how to pray in Mathew 6:9-15. Let’s pray well, let’s pray to the point. Remember that in everything we do, there is God oh.

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