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Health Benefits Of Folic Acid?

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Health Benefits Of Folic Acid?
Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9 is a nutrient that participates in many functions in the body, such as:

Maintain brain health, preventing problems such as depression.

Participate in the formation of the nervous system of the fetus during pregnancy.

Strengthen the immune system.

Prevent anemia, by stimulating the formation of blood cells.

Prevent colon cancer by preventing changes in the cells’ DNA.

Prevent heart disease and stroke by reducing homocysteine ​​and maintaining health of blood vessels.

Control the evolution of vitiligo.

To prevent birth defects such as spina bifida, women planning to become pregnant or who are pregnant should take folic acid supplements in capsules according to medical advice.

Foods rich in folic acid
Below are some foods that are rich in Folic acid

Raw broccoli
Corn Flakes
Kale butter
Fried cow liver
Raw mushroom
Brussels sprouts
Oat flakes
Baked Beans
Whole Wheat Bread

Side effects and contraindications of drug supplementation
Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin and therefore its excess is easily eliminated through the urine. However, the use of folic acid supplements without medical guidance can cause problems like stomach pain, nausea, itchy skin and anemia. The maximum amount of this vitamin per day is 5000 mcg, an amount that is usually not exceeded with a balanced diet.

In addition, in cases of use of medicines for seizures and rheumatism, the folic acid supplement should only be consumed according to medical advice.

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