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Health Benefits Of Taking 3 Cups Of Coffee Everyday

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Health Benefits Of Taking 3 Cups Of Coffee Everyday

Health Benefits Of Taking 3 Cups Of Coffee Everyday
Are you one of those people who just started working after a good cup of coffee? You should know that you are not alone because this drink is one of the most consumed in the world.

In Nigeria, various offices and individuals today have made the drinking of coffee a very vital to their morning routine.

If you fit into this group, there is good news for you: research by the World Health Organization suggests that drinking three or more cups of coffee per day reduces premature mortality by 8% in women and 18% in men. Grab your coffee and learn more about this news.

The study by WHO researchers followed 520,000 people from ten European Union countries for 16 years. Their conclusion was that the habit of drinking coffee daily seems to be related to a reduction in the rate of premature mortality for various causes, but the main highlight was the decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and digestive system.

These results were also found by another study, conducted in the United States and involving 185,000 people, who were also followed up for 16 years.

The fact that the same results appeared in such different societies is yet another indication that coffee actually has a positive effect on our health, reducing early mortality.

According to him, these effects are due to the presence of antioxidant polyphenols in the beverage, be it traditional or decaffeinated.

But do not the coffee give you cancer?
The new studies bring more good news to coffee lovers. In 1991, the same department that published the new research had concluded that coffee could have possibly carcinogenic effects for humans, especially pancreatic cancer.

The suspicion, however, was dismissed by the WHO last year after the analysis of more than a thousand searches. In fact, coffee would provide protection against endometrial liver cancer.

The relationship between coffee consumption and increased risk of cancer was a mistake: in fact, those who drink more coffee also tend to smoke more, and the actual cause The disease was the cigarette, not the grain.

Making some accounts based on findings from the WHO study, a cup of coffee daily would extend women’s lives by one month and men by three months. In more practical terms, each cup would add 3 minutes more to our lives, while men would gain an extra 9 minutes.

Does that mean we should start drinking coffee like water? No, it’s not like that. The journal that published the research, the Annals of Internal Medicine, included an editorial with recommendations on what we should understand about this novelty.

What we can actually conclude for now is that moderate consumption of coffee (three to five cups a day) is not related to the onset of illness in adults and can be incorporated into a diet in a healthy way.

That is, drinking coffee is tasty and it does not hurt, but wanting to dive into a bucket of coffee daily in an attempt to live longer is not a good idea – you will probably end up with an upset stomach!

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