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Health Talk: 10 Things You Should Never Insert in your Vagina

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Health Talk: 10 Things You Should Never Insert in your Vagina

The vagina is the most delicate and sensitive skin in a woman’s body. Hence, there are some things that should never come in contact with your vagina to ensure a healthy lifestyle void of disease.

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Below are 10 things that you should absolutely keep away from your vagina.

#Pubic hair dye

The skin around your pubes is quite sensitive, even more sensitive than your scalp. In the case the dye comes in contact with your labia or the opening of your vagina, you will suffer from a burning sensation which will make having sex altogether unpleasant.

#Douches and Intimate Sprays

Your vaginal canal is self-cleaning which makes intimate sprays, douches and vaginal wipes quite unnecessary. These expensive products contain ingredients that will cause your vagina to dry out and get irritated. The chemicals may also cause tiny tears in your vagina through which bacteria and viruses can enter your body. Water and soap (optional) should be just enough to clean your lady parts.

#Fruits and vegetables

It is unsafe to put a cucumber or banana inside your vagina. This is because no matter how hard you wash them, organic produce still carries some bacteria with it. They may be safe in your digestive tract but your vaginal canal is quite sensitive and bacteria of any sort will not only interrupt the normal balance of bacteria in your vagina, it will also lead to bacterial or yeast infections.

#Scented products
Avoid any scented household item that may come into contact with your vagina. These include: tampons, soaps, toilet paper, novelty condoms or body washes. Most contain additives that will cause rashes around your vagina, inflammation or itchiness.

#Rubber or soft plastic sex toys

Avoid Sex toys at all cost.

#Hair removal cream

Hair removal creams contain ingredients that are quite harsh to the skin and will often leave you with small abrasions. This leaves your vaginal area open and prone to infection. These creams also cause itchiness and red bumps. Shaving and waxing are both much safer than these chemical depilatories.

#Vodka tampons

While it may sound unbelievable, there are women who insert their tampons in vodka before inserting them. The vodka is supposedly absorbed into the bloodstream thus giving you a buzz. Not only can this be extremely painful, it also damages the walls of your vagina.

#Oil-based lubricants

Lube is one of those things that are safe for your vagina but you have to be careful with the variety you use. Stay away from any lube with petroleum jelly or oil as the main ingredient. They are thick and hard to wash out of the vagina, making them a breeding ground for bacteria. Oil can also break down the latex on your condom putting you at risk of STDs and pregnancy.

#Down-there body art

Not so long ago, ‘vajazzling’ was a top trend which involved sticking tiny crystals or rhinestones to your private parts using glue. This led to higher rates of infection and irritation among patients according to ob-gyns. Body art on your private parts can cause redness and irritation and pose even bigger health risks.

#Whipped and chocolate toppings

If you are feeling adventurous, you can turn your body into an ice cream sundae with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. However, make sure to stick to the part of the body above the belly button. Putting sugar on your vaginal area will not only mess with your pH balance, it will also lead to yeast infections.

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