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Help! My fiance’s dad was my sugar daddy on campus

by O. S David

Help! My fiance dad was my sugar daddy on campus

I will like to share my story on your MATTER OF THE HEART platform. One, to seek for your readers’ advice and two to educate others, especially young ladies. Sugar daddy

It all happened when I was in school (University) I was a rugged girl who doesn’t care about anything, not even my life. My love for money and material things is what led me to this shameful situation am in presently.

During my school days on campus, I had so many married men who always come for me. Some called them sugar daddy but I called them “my helpers”.

My weekend was always busy, spending time with those men in exchange for money and material things.
I can’t count the numbers of pregnancy I’ve aborted (my God have mercy on me).

After school, I got a nice and well-paying job and I decided to turn a new leaf. I dropped my old self, deleted all their contacts on my phone and even when some of them call, I simply tell them am not into that stuff again.

Now, I have a good job, living happily but without no husband. It was not that I don’t want to marry but men are not coming my way. At times I cried asking God to forgive my past.

But, December last year 2017, I met this guy who came to my office on official purpose to represent his company in a meeting we held.

I was shocked after the meeting when he called me and asked for my phone number, that was after he introduced himself as Ben Akinyemi the only son of chief Akinyemi the CEO of a multi-millionaire company.

Within me, I was happy not because he came from a wealthy family but because my prayer seems to have been answered. I told him I don’t give my number to strangers and he said in a very soft and romantic voice “Please can I have your number”.

His voice was so sweet to my ears, anyway I reluctantly gave him my number (women’s thing).

To fast forward everything that happened in between, that is how we started dating. Ben proposed to me on January first this year.

All this while I’ve never had an opportunity to meet his dad because he is a busy man and always traveled. Ben’s mother is late but I met his two sisters and they both loved me.

Just last week I visited Ben in his office (for the first time), entering his office I was shocked with what I saw.

Hung on the wall was about three portrait photos of one of my Sugar daddy on campus (I started weeping inwardly). Ben asked me to have my seat but I was not myself and since I don’t want him to suspect anything I quietly sat down.

During our conversation, I stylishly asked him who the man in those portraits is. His answer was the worst news I’ve ever heard. “That is the CEO of this company, my daddy and most importantly your father-in-law to be,” he replied.

I didn’t know when I shouted “what!”. Of course, he was shocked and asked if there is any problem but I quickly changed it that I was overwhelmed with joy and can’t wait to be part of the family.

My people since last week I have not been myself, crying and even rejecting Ben’s calls.

Right now so many thoughts are running through my mind on what to do. Should I call Ben and explain myself to him? Will he be able to handle it?
I’m scared of losing Ben as age is no longer on my side. I will be 37 in February.

Please help on what to do……

Sandra from Lagos

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