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Help! My ex-boyfriend wants me to cancel my wedding, (See Incriminating facts)

by O. S David

Help! My ex-boyfriend wants me to cancel my wedding, (See Incriminating facts)

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My wedding is few months away, but my ex-boyfriend has vowed to make sure the wedding does not hold if I stop sleeping with him or pay him off.

I had been dating this guy for five years with the intention of getting married to him but he kept postponing our wedding with flimsy excuses like not being ready to settle down or not having enough money for a wedding.

I kept assuring him that we did not have to hold an expensive wedding and that I would also contribute towards the wedding but he would not budge.

He would get excited in the morning and said we should fix a date for the wedding but in the night, he would change his mind, coming up with another silly excuse.

It got to a point that I had to threaten him that I would move on if I get a man who was ready for marriage as time was running out on me but he would tell me that he would not allow another man to marry me.

I thought he was joking and wondered how he would stop me from getting married till I met Ben last year and right from day one, Ben told me he was not in for a long relationship as he too was under pressure from his family to get married.

Few months into our relationship, Ben brought his people to meet my family and made his intention of marrying me known.

After the introductions, the date was set and we began preparations for the wedding. I made sure I cut off from John and started giving him excuses whenever he called and wanted to see me.

I don’t know how John got hold of my wedding invitation card and was surprised when he came to my house two weeks ago and started threatening that the wedding will not hold.

At first, I dared him to do his worst, thinking that he would just come to the wedding venue and create trouble. In my mind, I had the intention of getting enough security at the venue to forestall any trouble from him.

But you will not believe what John did next: he brought out an envelope, opened it and showed me several pictures of us making love, with some showing me completely naked, sucking on his manhood and doing unprintable things in bed.

Not done, he opened his laptop and showed me videos where we were having wild sex. I was deflated as I watch my life go down the drain.

He vowed to send the photos to Ben as well as publish them on all social media platforms as well as send them to some bloggers who will gladly post them.

I broke down and begged John to have mercy on me and not to disgrace me that way but he just laughed and told me that the only thing that would make him change his mind is for me to cancel my wedding with Ben and come back to him.

I have been begging him as my wedding is around the corner but John has refused to listen to me. I don’t know what to do.

Ben is from a very respectable family and I am sure he will pull out of the wedding if he gets to see those photos and videos.

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