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Help! My Husband is not Coming Home Again Because of What I Did

by O. S David
Help! My Husband is not Coming Home Again Because of What I Did-dailyfamily.ng

Help! My Husband is not Coming Home Again Because of What I Did


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Dear friends,

Please, I need your advice on a burning issue for my home is currently on fire.

My husband is fond of coming home late in the night. Even on weekend, he will leave home and return late in the night.

His official closing hour from work is 5 pm, Monday to Friday. His office to our house is just 2 hours drive but my husband will not return home until past 12 pm, or sometimes, 1 am.

He has wasted my food and efforts so many times as he always comes back drunk, rejecting my food.

Though he is performing his duty as a husband and a father to our children, I was not pleased with his night crawling. I have confronted him on this issue but he just chose not to change.

So, in my quest to seek help, I discussed the issue firstly with my friend and she advised me on what to do.

She asked me to lock him outside anytime he comes home late and never open the gate for him until the next morning. She promised that my husband never comes home late again.

Presently, I am regretting my action as I am blaming myself for sharing the issue with my friend.

Two weeks ago, my husband came back late as usual, so I follow my friend’s advice by not opening the gate for him. After several honing, he called my phone but I ignored his calls twice. I later picked his call at the third time and I shouted at him to go back from where he was coming from.

He ended the call and reversed back as I kept watching him from the window.

The following morning, he came back home begging me. He said he knew that I was very angry with him that was why I behaved like that. He promised to change.

I was very happy, not knowing that he had his own plan.

Days later, he came home during the day when I was not at home and packed some of his clothes and things leaving a letter that I should not look for him.

Is now six days that I’ve seen my husband last as he is not picking my calls.

I don’t want my home to break and I don’t want to lose my husband. Please, what should I do?



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