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Help: My rich In-law wants to take over my marriage. What should I do?

by O. S David


Help: My rich In-law wants to take over my marriage. What should I do?


My name is Kolade, a 36-year-old man. I have been married for five years now to Loveth and I must confess that I regret every day of the marriage.

I am really fed up and in normal circumstances, I could have walked out of this slavery called marriage but I had foolishly signed an agreement that if I decide to divorce Loveth in future, she and her family would strip me of everything.

 When I met Loveth and fell in love with her, I did not think it would lead to marriage because from day one, I knew her to be a spoilt brat, arrogant, haughty and conceited.

 She looked down on everybody including her friends because of her parent’s position and wealth.

As a youth corps member, Loveth lived in a three-bedroom flat, drove two exotic cars and had everything at her beck and call.

 I worked in a bank in town and was her account officer when she came to open an account with the bank. On her first deposit, Loveth paid in over N1.5 million and I was surprised that a corp member could pay such an amount into her account.

 Initially, I thought she was a runs girl who got money from politicians but along the line, I got to know that her parents were really very wealthy and as the only daughter, they pampered her to no end.

Almost every month, they would transfer lots of money into Loveth’s account and since I was the one managing the account, I knew what came in and went out.

 The only good thing about Loveth, I must confess, is that she is very generous with what she has but she expects you to be eternally grateful to her whenever she gives you something and when we started dating, I took this trait of hers for granted and often laughed at her foible.

Little did I know that I will be at the receiving end, not just from her but her parents as well when we got married.

 Our marriage came about when she became pregnant and her father insisted I must get married to her.

 Initially, I was sceptical but some of my friends saw that as an opportunity of a lifetime, telling me I would be set for life by getting married to her.

 Our wedding turned out to be a circus of some sort as associates of Loveth’s family tried to outdo themselves in the gifts they gave us. The father gave us a fully furnished duplex in Victoria Garden City, opened a fat bank account for the unborn baby, gave us four cars (three SUVS and a Toyota Corolla), and so many other exotic gifts.

 But after the wedding, they made me sign a document that if I should divorce their daughter, I would go the way I came in and even any child the marriage produces would cease to bear my name.

 That was just the beginning because my parents-in-law have turned me into a glorified houseboy. Most times, the father would just put in a call that Loveth and our son should meet him at the airport for a trip to the UK or anywhere that catches his fancy.

 From day one, I was told never to touch the SUVs and other demeaning rules I must abide by.

My wife decides when we should make love, what I should wear if I must be seen with her in the public and she talks down to me like she would do to a houseboy.

 There was this day I slapped her for insulting me and a few hours later, the father sent some policemen who arrested me and had me locked up in a cell for one week and made me sign an undertaking never to even raise my voice at her.

 I have been suffering in this marriage and I wonder if there is a way out for me.


Dear readers, this is another shocking and pathetic story, after going through Kolade’s travails, what would you have him do?

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Mobson April 17, 2017 - 10:12 pm

Fooliness is the highest order!
You signed a ‘destruction paper’ after reading the content.
You can quit the marriage, if you are now okay by the terms of the paper you signed.


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