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Help! My Wife Sent Me Packing from Home

by O. S David

Help! My Wife Sent Me Packing from Home

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My wife (Chioma) and I got married two years ago though we are still expecting God to bless us with our own children.

But just last month, I was sacked from my office. And on getting home, I received the greatest shock of my life as my wife asked me to leave the house after she collected my car key.

Presently, I am blaming myself for receiving the privilege in the first place.

It happened that two years ago as we were preparing for our wedding, my father-in-law said he won’t like her daughter to move into a rented apartment as he bought a new house for us in one of the beautiful places in VI Lagos.

I was very happy as the man (my father-in-law) did not stop at this. He asked me to resign from my place of work, where I was a supervisor earning N80,000 per month and move to one of his companies in the state with a salary of N190,000 per month. But one thing keeps me wondering as all the house documents carry my wife’s name. I remember I asked my wife why it was so, but she said her father wants her to have at least a child for me and once this happened the name on the documents will be changed to mine.

After a year in my in-law’s company, I was promoted, my salary was increased to N220,000 and I was given a new car. I was very happy.

Chioma and I really loved each other and we believed that God will answer our prayer one day.

Trouble started last month. On my way home one evening, I saw my ex-girlfriend at a junction and gave her a lift. During our chat in the car, she told me that her office is not far from that junction I picked her. That is how I decided to be helping her every day and dropping her at her home.

This is how I started developing feelings for her and at times we will stop by at an eatery to spend some time together before going home since she is still single and living alone.

On Saturday, I asked her to visit me at home since my wife is not around. Of course, she came and we were both having a nice time together at the sitting room but one thing leads to the other and we found ourselves on my matrimonial bed, it was in the course of this that my wife came in. I didn’t hear the sound of her car because of the loud music playing in the sitting room.

My wife pounded on the lady and even tore her clothing, I didn’t know what to do as I was just begging her to leave the lady.

That night I begged her and even prostrated to her as I promised it will never happen again.

She asked me to stand up and said she has forgiven me, only for me to be sacked on Monday morning.

Now, everything is gone. My job, car and my wife has even sent me packing from home.

I tried to visit her parents but was denied access.

Please, what should I do?

Ben, Lagos

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