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Help, my parents are killing me psychologically and emotionally

by O. S David
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Help, my parents are killing me psychologically and emotionally

Growing up has always been hard for my brothers and I. It’s gotten really bad this last few years as the one place meant to be a source of solace has become nothing more than a toxic enclave of emotional and psychological abuse. I’m in my early 20s now but I’m still finding it difficult to completely rid myself of the pain caused me by my parents.

My family is a middle class Christian family and to outsiders, all seems perfect..but my brothers and I have endured years of mental torture by my father with the unflinching support of my sadistic mum.

My dad is so OBSESSED with keeping up appearances that he tries to control everything in our lives from dressing to music to even random stuff like wearing bracelets just to look good to other family friends. He also goes out of his way to embarrass us when visitors are around. I feel so trapped.

All we hear EVERYDAY is how useless and stupid we are. The home is just suffocating. I still have scars of physical injuries I sustained as a teenager. I’ve even sometimes felt like harming them both for stealing my childhood from me. It’s funny how the so-called “Christian homes ” are nothing but zones of child abuse.

I used to think all my experiences were normal until I started doing some research into the concept of toxic parents and spending time with friends from similar backgrounds. Now, I just want to get as far from them as possible.

How can one live in a house where everything is a crime? I’m 22 now but I have the freedoms of an 8yr old. Now I’m an accidental introvert due to years of just feeling sad over stupid things. I just hope I won’t do something rash soon. Anyone who can relate should please give me tips on how I can cope. I WILL survive.


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