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High birth weight can lead to childhood obesity

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High birth weight can lead to childhood obesity-dailyfamily.ng

High birth weight can lead to childhood obesity
According to a survey conducted at the University of Virginia in the United States, it evaluated 10,000 American children, among them are babies who were born over 4.5 kilos. According to these scholars, these babies tend to have a 69% chance of becoming obese in kindergarten.

See the danger of babies born with high birth weight:

1. Obesity in childhood
The research cited above also involved the second grade series, where it was pointed out that 23.1% of these children were obese, however, babies born with normal weight were assessed at a rate of 14.2%.

Thus, it was possible to conclude that children who were born with a higher weight are at risk of becoming obese in childhood.

2. Risks
Another study was also conducted by the World Federation of Obesity, these researchers presented new research among children and adolescents 5 to 17 years who are overweight.

According to them, this tends to jump from 220 to 268 million in less than a decade. Unfortunately, this projection indicates that about 91 million of this group will become obese.

The risks are immense, as this study also pointed out that 28 million of these children will present health problems, such as hypertension; 39 million will have fat in the liver and 4 million will have type 2 diabetes (a disease that should only occur in older people).

3. Care
These specialists need special care by pediatricians in situations such as these, but attention is also required, especially with the parents of these children, showing them the challenges that these babies will have to face because they are overweight, as unfortunately Obesity is a danger that involves babies from their birth.

Awareness between pediatricians and parents is the best tool in prevention and protection, so it is possible to have a mutual partnership between the people involved in the care of these babies, providing a diet and a healthy life for these children.

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