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Home Vocabulary: It Is Wrong To Ask “How Was Your Night?”; See Reason

by Anjorin Dare

Do you know that asking a person “How was your night?” is wrong?

Consider the conversation below between a Briton and Tade

‘Good morning sir’

‘good morning to you too’ responded the Briton

‘how was your night sir?’ Tade further inquire

Looking in a weird way as if something abominable has been done, he said ‘how my night went is non of your business’

Tade who was expecting a simple ‘fine ‘Good’ ‘Splendid’ ‘ My night was great’ etc. Could not mutter a word afterward but buried his head in shame.

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In English Language the question simply means “How was last night’s sex?” “how was your night shift duty?” “how is your health during the night hours?”
Whenever you ask this question in the morning to healthy people who are not in sick bed, you’re invariably inquiring about their sexual comfort/activities during the night or how their night shift went and it’s rude to ask such mostly if you’re not closely related to the person. No wonder the Briton found Tade’s question condescending because he felt he was intruding in his private business since I’m not too familiar with him.

Even as transliteration, no Nigerian language asks ‘How was your night?’

Igbo would rather say; ibolachi– have you woken up. Ututuoma- good morning.

and Yoruba, ekaro– good morning. You can go further as Yorubas are won’t do by adding “se daada Leji’ – hope you woke up well?

None of these our local greetings intrusively asks ‘How was your night?’

The proper address to further spice up your ‘good morning’ greeting is to say “hope you slept well?”, “Did you have a good night sleep?” or “Did you sleep well?”



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