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How Apps Can Help Storm Chasers Stay Safe

by O. S David
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How Apps Can Help Storm Chasers Stay Safe

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As someone who is fascinated by the weather, I like to check in on the world of storm chasing every now and then. Sadly, with the influence of social media, I see more and more storm chasers putting themselves at risk when it isn’t necessary. I’m sure it can be a lot of fun, but if there is a safer way to have fun chasing storms, then I bet most storm chasers would be willing to give it a try. 

I recently found some mobile apps online that I thought would help many storm chasers enjoy their craft in much safer ways. These mobile apps can help anyone from the most experienced chasers to the rookies by shedding light on the real dangers and allowing them to find their next storm chasing adventure. 

Storm Chasing for the First Time

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For first time storm chasers, utilizing mobile apps may be the difference in putting yourself in a dangerous situation or having a fantastic experience. With mobile apps that can help you understand the process, you’ll be able to make a plan for your first time and get a better feel for what to do. 

Another important factor in storm chasing safely is knowing what equipment to buy. You don’t want to spend tons of money before you know that it’s a hobby you might enjoy for a long time, so mobile apps will help you stick with the essentials instead of wasting money on unnecessary storm chasing equipment. 

Understanding the Danger

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Mobile apps are also a great resource for the experienced veterans of storm chasing. The longer you chase storms, the more you might want to push the limits and seek even crazier thrills. However, this is when most accidents occur, and your personal health has to come first. With mobile apps at the ready, you can use this new technology to gauge the conditions and find that happy medium between safety and fun. 

These storm chasing mobile apps can help you predict where events like a tornado might take place so that you can be well prepared. Instead of simply jumping in the truck at the first sign of bad weather, you can have a better idea of when exactly these conditions might occur. This will help you create a safety plan and be ready, getting the most out of your thrill-seeking journey while also mitigating the risks. 

Finding Your Next Adventure

Another great benefit to mobile apps is the ability to find out when and where all the fun is going to happen. Without understanding where the storms are going to occur, you might get all geared up and have nothing to show for it. Mobile apps can help you predict where the best action will be. Chasing storms doesn’t have to be such a grueling task if you have the best idea of where to go. 

Now, if you know where to go, but you don’t know who to go with, mobile apps can help you out there as well. Many of these mobile apps have opportunities to chat and meet up with fellow storm chasers in your area, so you’ll always have someone to go thrill-seeking with. 


No matter how much experience you have chasing storms, mobile apps can help you make the most of your adventure. Check the list out to see which app suits your storm chasing goals the most. 

Best Apps for Storm Chasing

From safety tips and gear vendors to storm trackers and opportunities to make new friends, storm chasing mobile apps have everything you need to find the adventure you’re searching for. 

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