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How Many Cesarean Delivery Can A Woman’s Body Support?

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How Many Cesarean Delivery Can A Woman’s Body Support?
For gynecologists, a cesarean delivery is a possible alternative when there is no safe option for an uncomplicated vaginal birth for both mother and baby. Although not the ideal delivery type, this may be the only possibility for many mothers with health problems, poor physical training or in situations of risk to the baby.

Many are the concerns of pregnant before delivery, among these the need for a cesarean section or even the fear of the pain of normal delivery. Along with such concerns come myths heard here and there and one of them is: The woman can only pass through 3 C-sections.

What do doctors say about it?
According to Dr. Eleonora Fonseca a gynecologist and obstetrician, he said that during cesarean section the uterus is cut, in a specific region, for the removal of the baby and, if there are other caesarean sections, the cut will be made in the same place, making the place more susceptible and with risk of rupture, both during uterine growth and during final contractions. After three cesareans, the risk increases.

If the woman becomes pregnant after the third cesarean, you should be alert to severe cramps during pregnancy and signs of labor. If the woman with multiple cesarean sections goes into labor without medical assistance, there may be rupture of the uterine tissue, which is serious, and there is a need to remove the uterus (hysterectomy).

For Dr. Domingos Mantelli, a woman may have more than three cesarean sections, but that she should be aware of the discomforts during pregnancy. In addition, according to the doctor, the obstetrician has to be very skilled in making a fourth, fifth or sixth cesarean section due to anatomical changes and scars adhesions that make the surgical procedure increasingly complex and difficult. In addition, these scars can cause obstructions in the small intestine.

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Summarizing the medical advice, what should be kept in mind is that the woman’s body supports more than three cesareans. In 2013, singer Simony had her fourth child delivered cesarean delivery and there was no complication. However, there are risks involved after the third cesarean, which are:

Severe cramps during pregnancy.

Unattended childbirth – where there may be rupture of the thin walls of the uterus, causing heavy bleeding.

Possible need for hysterectomy in case of heavy bleeding.

Placental problems can occur.

Although doctors do not inflexibly establish a maximum number of cesareans, it is a consensus among them that it should not exceed three surgeries. It is therefore advisable, after the first cesarean section, for couples to do preventive family planning, avoiding a pregnancy that would endanger the lives of mother and baby. Keep the mother and baby safe at all times.

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