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How the 7 days in week affect your Wedding Guest attendance

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How the 7 days in week affect your Wedding Guest attendance dailyfamily.ng

It has been a popular culture in Nigeria to have most weddings on Saturdays and virtually most couples may not know the culture attached to this.

But families and intending couples have come to understand that Saturday in Nigeria is a work free day and a time when good numbers of guest are often recorded for any special occasions and most especially weddings.


Interestingly these days, the trend seems to be gradually changing as intending couples have come to know that weddings shouldn’t be necessarily tied to Saturdays alone.


Find the 7 days in the week and how each affects your wedding.



  1. Monday

For intending couples or families who don’t want to spend so much (most especially in this shout of recession here and there) on wedding expenses, one fantastic day of the week to pick is Monday. You can be so sure that your budget will be well accommodated to suit a moderate number of guests. People hardly attend any social function on Monday since they will be attending to some official or commercial activities which in a way help to reduce the number of uninvited guests.

On a scale of 100% be expecting at least = 15% guest attendance.



  1. Tuesday

On Tuesdays, the pressure of work is gradually lessening.  Attendance to any wedding on this day might not be impressive like you would have expected unless for some few people amongst your guest who are entrepreneurs or few ones who have taken permission for leave at their places of work. In Nigeria, it is one day of the week which is almost similar to Monday. There is really not much difference with Monday as this day is when prospective guest recuperates from undone works on Monday.

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On a scale of 100% be expecting at least = 23.5% guest attendance.


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  1. Wednesday

Wednesday just as the name implies should be the real wedding day of the week. People and popular culture seem to have shifted focus from this day to Saturday. Wednesday is really not different that much too. Being a day in between, a prospective guest might still attend your wedding ceremony, but note that it is usually little attendance you will get, not anything too much like you will record on Tuesday.

On a scale of 100% be expecting at least = 28% guest attendance.



  1. Thursday

There is actually an exception on Thursdays. People generally get relieved from work stress or even spend time on non-official activities on Thursday and the option of skipping work for pleasure might be a bit pardonable for prospective guest this day.

On a scale of 100% be expecting at least = 45% guest attendance.


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  1. Friday

Thank God it is Friday is actually the song in the mouth of Nigerians on Friday because this is the day of the week that work stress seems to be over. Turn up at wedding organized on Friday can be very massive compared to wedding hosted on Saturday. Friday is a fun day and you can be so sure attendance this day would even exceed what you have targeted if not watched.

On a scale of 100% be expecting at least = 65% guest attendance.

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  1. Saturday

Saturday in Nigeria is the party day. Weddings sell fast to party riders this day. You can be so sure that there will be massive turn up this day and guest actually prepare better for wedding this day as it is the generally accepted day of the week that people merry.


On a scale of 100% be expecting at least = 100% guest attendance.



  1. Sunday

Sunday is exceptionally a relaxation day. Wedding event fixed on Sundays is bound to witness a low turn as church activities, or some Islamic services might get in the way of guest planning to come. Reasonably, attending wedding events this day can be quite dicey, a decision to make for prospective guest.

On a scale of 100% be expecting at least = 50% guest attendance.


It is evident that no other day in the week celebrates wedding like Saturday, but then you can always leverage on the first working day if you want to save the cost of wedding expenses.

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