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How to Do Squats Correctly

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How to Do Squats Correctly
To do squats properly without damaging the spine and achieving all the benefit this exercise can provide is recommended:

1. Keep feet slightly apart and always well supported on the floor.

2. Stretch your arms.

3. Keep your back straight and not leaning forward, as is often the case.

4. Inspire before starting the squatting and let the air down as it descends.

5. Get down enough to keep your thighs parallel to the floor.

A good tip to check if the squat is being performed correctly is to observe yourself in a mirror. Ideally do the exercise aside for the mirror. When the exercise is being done correctly, one should feel the abdominal and thigh muscles working.

Benefits of squatting
The benefits of squatting include strengthening the abdominal muscles, back muscles, and also the thighs and buttocks. In addition, this exercise does not impact the joints and can be done anywhere, even by sedentary ones. In general, this exercise improves body contour and helps maintain good posture.

Squatting Program for Beginners
In this program of squats for beginners it is recommended to do as many repetitions as possible. The first day of training should start with this amount.

For example: If the individual can do 15 squats correctly, then on the first day he should do 3 sets of 5 squats with a 1-minute interval between each set. The number of squats should be increased progressively, according to the individual’s ability.

It is recommended to do these squats 3 times a week, for example, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so that the muscles can rest to develop on rest days.

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