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How to find the dream man

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How to find the dream man
Nothing like finding that loving, gentle, honest and passionate man. The one who warns the loved one when he comes home and is safe, sends a message of good morning, what worries and calls to know if everything is okay and how was the day, and also who cares about the tastes of his beloved.

That man who does not hide anything from her, that does not give ball to that neighbor who lives provoking him, who is proud of the relationship he has, and that whenever he can, he dedicates some time to his girlfriend or wife.

There are numerous features that can be given to the dream man, but it is impossible to find someone with all of them.

In the first place, it is neither fair nor idealized that people have certain customs and manners that we establish as the standard of the “dream man”, since they all have free will to think and draw their own conclusions for what they think best For the relationship.

We will not always find people who think the same way we do and if we do, we will not think the same in all matters. Not always the man who is extremely affectionate and who cares Idealizing the dream man too much about you, will choose a dinner for two instead of a football game with friends.

Not always the one who makes a point of sending good morning messages and good night will tell you that it was the house of the ex-girlfriend hidden from you.

Not always the one who brings you breakfast in bed will want to go hand in hand with you. You can not expect everything from people unless you really want to believe that the dream man exists.

First you
Before looking for any kind of quality in the other, we must look at ourselves.

Love yourself before any man. To love oneself before him is not to put oneself before him because when you are in a relationship you must think like two and not as one.

To love him is to have self-love and not allow him to do something that hurts you, not allow you to hurt yourself by wanting to keep a relationship out of self-indulgence, for fear of what others will think.

If he does not respect you, he hurts you and does not really love you, why insist on a relationship just because you love him? Love yourself before you love it.

Taking care of yourself before any man is not letting him go and forgetting any need he has, because if this happens it is because you do not love him, but rather take care of all your needs as well and do not let his surpass the degree of Importance that has their, again it is part of the relationship look at both sides and not just for one of them. So take care of yourself before taking care of him.

The dream man will walk with you, he will be your partner, he will accept you just the way you are, just as you should accept him the way he is.

If you are not the most perfect person in the world, why does it have to be?
We all have qualities, but we also have defects, so we are all subject to errors. No matter what gender, age or religion, we must accept each other’s time and the experiences each carries.

Who will be the man of dreams but he who wants the same as you for the future? The one who sits beside you tells you that he imagined something that is just the idea of what his plans might be for a few years to come, and you are part of it.

Anyway, the dream man is not someone you can find the perfect man in a relationship, but the one who may be perfect for you, he may disagree with you, may hurt you, not have the best words at the right time, disappoint, but it’s the man who will want to do everything not to fail, to make you happy and who will want to spend his life with you, regardless of whether it lasts or not, but that moment will be for him.

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