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How to get pregnant with baby boy

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A couple, either because you already have a girl at home, or simply because you have this dream in common, you want to have a man child. And there are several superstitions that promise to help determine the sex of the baby, but none of them have a convincing explanation or scientific proof.

The popular belief says, for example, that in order to conceive a boy, it is necessary to let the man initiate intercourse, in addition to having intercourse at night and on days of the month of odd number.

In contrast: to have a girl, it is recommended that the woman take the initiative for intercourse and that it occurs during the afternoon, on even number days. There is no explanation for this, but many couples think it does not cost anything to try!

Some people also believe that in order to concentrate more sperm that carry the Y gene (which will generate a boy), the man must wear clothes – such as panties, shorts, shorts, and pants – that are wider.

Some people also say that women who take longer to get pregnant are more likely to conceive a boy. This is because the mucus of the cervix tends to become thicker, making it harder for slower sperm to move. But it is important to note that all these ideas have no proof.

However, it is true that there are already some medical guidelines that can help in this regard.

Is it possible to choose to have a boy?
The woman only produces ovum with x chromosome, while the man produces both x and y sperm. Thus, when the ovum is fertilized by x sperm, it results in girl, and when it is fertilized by sperm y, it results in boy

The doctor explains that there are already guidelines that can help the woman to conceive a baby of a certain sex – in this case, male. “It’s worth noting that it does not always work, but it helps a lot to have the sex of the baby you want,” he explains.

The diet of the woman who wishes to have a boy should be rich in potassium and sodium, that is, with the presence of meats and fish, for example.

In addition, intercourse should occur close to or after ovulation. This is because sperm that carry the Y gene (for boys) are more “agile” and arrive faster at the ovum than those carrying the X gene (for girls). Another reason is that male sperm are more fragile and less resistant than female sperm.

Another orientation is for the woman to reach orgasm before the man, because it will release a mucus that decreases the acidity of the vagina, which will facilitate the movement of sperm that carry the gene Y, more sensitive.

Expectant mothers who want to have a boy is to talk openly with their doctor about that desire, so he can explain what action can be taken. And from there, they would count on luck!

Now you know: good medical advice can help couples have a baby of the desired sex. If your dream is to have a boy, talk to your gynecologist/obstetrician about it and follow the guidelines given by him correctly – both those related to eating and those related to sexual intercourse.

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