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How to get the child out of a sedentary lifestyle

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How to get the child out of a sedentary lifestyle-dailyfamily.ng

How to get the child out of a sedentary lifestyle
In the year of 2013 a research was divulged with the following theme: the perception of the state of health, lifestyle, chronic diseases and much more. This research was divided into several parts. In this article, we will report the analysis of the results on some subjects. Lifestyle, food consumption, physical activity and the habit of watching television.

One thing that caught my attention at the beginning of the research was a concept that greatly contributes to the way we see or take life, it has much more to do with the way we view the quality of life. And I see that this differs greatly from the environment in which each person lives or even the way each family views what is health. And another factor is the financial condition and the intellectual level of each family.

Food consumption
Eating healthy foods makes all the difference in a person’s life. When there is no such habit, a dietary re-education is necessary.

Physical activity
Several tasks can be considered as the physical activity: a physical activity of displacement, physical activity in leisure, physical activity at work. Stirring the body is the goal and by how much time you move it is of crucial importance.

This research reported that the female public spends 12.1% on domestic activities, cleaning, and heavy services on average 150 minutes a week. And that men, around 5.4% of them practice this type of activity.

It’s been a long time since a child to be considered healthy had to be chubby. Obesity can affect self-esteem. And it is one of the chronic diseases that mostly affect children.

Habit to watch television
One reason that children are being sedentary is many hours in front of the television. This habit and poor diet are an aggravating factor for the health of these children in adult life. Another factor that aggravates is school achievement. Children and adults who spend more than three hours in front of the TV result in low school achievement.

The age of 7 years is indicated for the child to start some sport. It’s all a matter of getting organized.

Children also can and should get into the domestic cleaning routine.

Riding a bike, it does not matter if it’s only on weekends.

Play soccer








Running with friends

The simple fact of creating a play routine will help the child to move more. If you have more kids together, the better.

Take care of your child’s food at home and at school by sending the snack to him. Only the care with the sedentarismo placed the children in physical activities, is not enough. It is also necessary to take care of the food ingested. And observe what your child does in idle time.

Change of habit is the secret to end the sedentary lifestyle. Help children be committed to activities and good nutrition.

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