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How To Know A Wrong Partner At The Beginning Of A Relationship

by Kufre Ekpo

In a relationship, there is a tendency for the wrong person to come into your life. It is your duty to guide against such to avoid heartbreak in the future. Couples split up for a variety of reasons, including toxicity, abuse, addiction, lies, and a lack of regular communication. However, when we get too wrapped up in our daily lives to consider them, the reasons for a breakup aren’t always clear.

Even if a person has no bad habits and is mentally and physically stable, the relationship can still break down after the first major disagreement. We prefer to neglect certain shortcomings when we’re first married, hoping that things will improve with time. Some problems are just too serious to ignore until you get honest about your relationship and see it for all that it is – and all that it isn’t.

In this article, we’ll look out for at least 10 red flags one should know before going into relationship.

They constantly threaten to end the relationship

This is a form of emotional manipulation. You shouldn’t have to live your life fearing that your wife will dump you for good if you say or do anything stupid. You should feel safe in your relationship and at ease enough to be yourself with your partner, rather than always walking on eggshells.

They are excessively jealous

You should reconsider your partnership if your partner can’t stand the thought of you not being by their side. A toxic relationship is characterized by a partner who insists on being ultra-close and doing everything together – or who refuses to let you be alone and is constantly tracking or questioning your whereabouts and intentions.


They never say something nice about you

Even the most shy or tolerant individuals will sometimes open up and say things like “no one makes me laugh like you do,” or “you look like a goddamn supermodel in that dress.” Your partner doesn’t have to suck up all over you every second of every day, but it’s good to hear a compliment now and then, and it’s pretty normal in a relationship.

They don’t support your goals

When you tell them about your big dreams of one day running your own business, they laugh at you as if they don’t believe you can do it. That’s ridiculous! You’ll be happier and more competitive in the long run if you have someone by your side who believes in your abilities completely.

 If your partner is constantly scoffing at your ambitions, they might be worried about their own future. That isn’t an excuse for them to put you down. Whoever you date should have faith in you and be supportive of your goals and dreams.

They enjoy having things go their way

If your partner is a little egotistical and insists on having their way all of the time, you might be dating someone who hasn’t matured enough to be in a relationship. Compromise is a necessary part of a stable relationship with the right person. You should have the impression that your voice and thoughts are valued. If you don’t, you may have fallen for someone who isn’t right for you because they don’t regard you as an equal.

They don’t listen to you

You may be dating the wrong person if your partner is still waiting for their turn to talk. They always go off on tangents about their day at work, but they don’t seem to care about yours. They still make suggestions about where they want to go, but they don’t seem to mind what you think. If your partner talks a lot but never listens, you may want to find someone, who isn’t so self-centered with whom to share your life.

They cheat on you

Take a break. Please get out of here! They’ll do it again, and even if they don’t, you deserve someone who will never betray your faith and put your relationship in jeopardy in that way.

Your opinion doesn’t matter

It all begins with small decisions such as selecting a restaurant for a date, deciding what to eat for dinner, or deciding which movie to see at the cinema. In a toxic partnership, you’ll never be asked — your partner can make restaurant reservations for you and buy movie tickets for you without ever asking what you want to do. Your partner assumes that they know something, while you presume that you don’t know anything.

Your partner isn’t the type that apologizes

It’s important to note that every couple has disagreements. However, how you react to each other right now will decide whether or not your relationship is right for you. If your partner does or says something that profoundly affects you and refuses to apologize, it’s a sign that they’re reluctant to admit wrongdoing. “I’m sorry” is a concise statement that demonstrates your ability to accept responsibility for your behaviour.

They don’t make an effort to get along with your family and friends

Your partner doesn’t have to be best friends with your best friends, but they can try hard to get along with the people who matter to you. They should also want to show you to their friends and relatives. If your friends and family don’t have heart-eyes for you, it’s possible that they’re picking up on warning flags that you’re missing

Have you seen someone like this before? What other signs could point to the fact that you’re dating the wrong person? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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