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How to know if the lump in the breast is malignant

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How to know if the lump in the breast is malignant

Most often, breast lumps are not a sign of cancer, just a benign, life-threatening change. However, to confirm whether a nodule is benign or malignant the best way is to do a biopsy, which consists of removing a piece of the nodule to be evaluated in the laboratory, in order to identify if there are cancerous cells.

This type of examination can be ordered by the mastologist and is usually done as soon as changes in the mammogram appear that may indicate breast cancer.

However, through self-examination of the breast, the woman can also identify some characteristics that can lead her to distrust a malignant nodule. However, in such cases, it is also recommended to go to the mastologist to take the necessary tests and confirm if there really is a risk of cancer.

Malignant nodule characteristics
Although it is not a precise way to identify a malignant nodule, breast palpation can help identify cancer characteristics, which include:

Irregular lump in breast.

As hard as a small stone.

Changes in breast skin, such as increased thickness or change in color.

One breast looks much bigger than the other.

In these cases, one should go to the mastologist to have a mammogram and, if necessary, perform a biopsy to confirm if it is indeed a malignant nodule and initiate appropriate treatment.

Already the pain in the breast does not mean that the lump is malignant, being more easily related to hormonal changes, although there are cases in which the woman can feel pain when the cancer is very advanced.

How to treat the lump
When there is a lump, but the doctor thinks there are no signs of malignancy on mammography, treatment can only be done with regular mammograms every 6 months to assess if the lump is growing. If you are growing, there is a greater risk of being malignant, and then a biopsy may be ordered.

However, if malignancy is confirmed by biopsy, treatment for cancer that varies according to the degree of development, but which may include surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, is started to kill the cancer cells.

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