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How To Overcome Self-Rejection

by Oba Samuel
How To Overcome Self-Rejection

How To Overcome Self-Rejection

-By Oba Samuel

Self-rejection is a silent killer that reveals itself in different forms and affects people’s performance socially, vocationally, and martially. Self-rejection can also cause low self-esteem, inferiority complex, depression among others.

Causes Of Self-Rejection

Various factors are responsible for self-rejection, such as:

Parental rejection/disapproval: Little did most parents know that their judgment on their child has a lot of impact on how the child will see him/herself. When a child suffers a lot of rejection or disapproval from parents, such fellow will grow-up to hate everything about himself. But if a child is raised in a home where parents demonstrate love, acceptance and cheerful countenance towards him, he will grow up loving himself and everything around him.

Criticism: Criticism is emotionally dehumanizing. It destroys self-worth, alters the true image and boldens the distorted image which make a person hates everything about himself. When a fellow faces too much criticism, he will become odious to himself.  Don’t listen to criticism about your height, face, colour, hair, buttocks, stature or size of your breast. Criticism don’t make strong, it only weakens.

Bullying : Each time I talk about bully, I cannot but remember my classmate when I was in Secondary school who we bully on daily basis to the point that he screamed one day saying “O God, why did you create me into this World’’ sadly, due to our bullying, he dropped out of school and never to return. Nothing was actually wrong with him but we bully him to the extent that he hates everything about his life.

Rejection: Everybody loves to be accepted. Be it emotional or physical rejection, it can adversely affect how a person views himself. Especially, when one feels nobody likes him; this will make him think something is wrong with him and this may snowball into self -rejection.

Temperaments: It has been observed that some people tends to hate themselves due to the nature of their temperaments’ weaknesses which debar them from doing functioning in certain areas of life which they would have loved to do. Please, be aware that no temperament is better than the other. All the four temperaments (Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric & Phlegmatic) have strengths and weaknesses. Celebrate your strengths and work on your weaknesses

Spousal Condemnation: Many great men and women ended up committing suicide, fail professional or degree exams when they perceive being hated by their spouse as a result of constant criticism and condemnation by the one they emotionally hang their self –approval into. Other condemnation don’t affect most married as much as they get from their spouse.

Ways Out Of Self-Rejection

Bill Gothard said ‘’ a person’s attitude toward himself will influence his attitude toward God, others and everything he does’’ That means to become useful to God, yourself, spouse and the society and to reach the height God has created you for; you need to overthrow self-rejection in your life.

  1. See it as a sin: Everything God created which includes you was made perfect. So, see it as a sin to hate or reject anything about yourself. Ask God for forgiveness.
  2. Pray to God for the grace to accept everything about yourself.
  3. Pick every aspect of your body and thank God for them daily
  4. Thank God for every challenge you are passing through for the Lord will turn them to testimonies
  5. Ask God to make you blind to everything you hate about yourself and open your eyes to hidden assets in you just like he did for Pastor Nick Vujicic.

If you don’t celebrate yourself, nobody will.





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