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Wedding planning can feel daunting to many people, but in actuality, it doesn’t have to be.  There are many ways to approach planning and achieve your dream wedding day.  Ultimately, I think it’s important to remain focused on the true meaning behind the celebration – marriage and the promise you make to each other before God.  The rest of the celebration is an added bonus to whatever level you feel is appropriate.  It’s one day for four to six hours usually, so try not to get sidetracked by trends and impressing others versus what will YOU remember on that day for the rest of your life!

Here are some steps you can take that will help you plan a good Wedding without having any stress in it.

  1. Meditate

The first thing to discuss when planning your wedding is when you’d like to get married?  Anything is possible so do not be afraid to pick a fast-approaching date.  Think about the time of year, the season, the holidays, and the weather that might be important to you both.  This will help with other decisions once the general time of year is set.  You’ll also want to check the potential date(s) with anyone you absolutely want to be there like your parents, siblings, and grandparents.

  1. Getting set to see your Coordinators

Next, you’ll want to check with your church or mosque to see your pastor or Imam see if they’re available or with churches that you’re interested in getting married at (or another ceremony site).

  1. Stay Connected with Your Fiance

Under the pressure and stress of planning a wedding, it’s easy to lose touch with the person you love most — your groom-to-be. Schedule date nights, be it a dinner out or a movie in, to squeeze in some quality alone time. And, if you have any concerns about your upcoming event (it’s natural), find the courage to tell him. “If you two can weather the storms of your engagement anxiety together, it bodes well for your marriage.

  1. Budget

Next, it is good to think about your budget.  At the end of the day, if your pastor or Imam (officiant) can marry you with the most important people in your life present, then truly you do not need anything else.  However, consider your budget and work within it to figure out what is important to have at your wedding and what is least important.  You may be able to work everything in but you’ll want to focus on including the things you find to be “must-haves”.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Really. If you haven’t already upped your prewedding workout routine, here’s good reason to: Exercise has positive emotional and psychological effects. Take a walk, go for a run, or dance around your kitchen. Any type of physical movement will help produce more uplifting and stress-stabilizing endorphins.

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  1. Adequate Research

Think about the feel and theme of your desired wedding.  This will help you determine what type of venue you want to look for to hold your reception.  Do you like a rustic feel?  Do you like a Tuscan romantic feel?  Do you like a traditional ballroom feel?  Do you like casual or a unique site that is special to you like perhaps a museum, a theme park, the beach?  Do you want your ceremony and/or reception to be outside (weather permitting)?  Once you have this decided, search for venues with the corresponding them online and schedule visits.  You can also eliminate them prematurely if you ask in advance about the dates they have available.  If your dates are flexible then make touring reception sites your priority.

  1. Send out Invite

As soon as you confirm the ceremony and reception venue, send out your save the date!  Plus, think of how you want to ask your wedding party to be a part of your wedding.  It is common now to make it very personalized and special, but you can keep it simple and old-fashioned and just ask them as well.

  1. Attention on your Wedding Dress

Simultaneously you can begin looking for your wedding dress!  I’d suggest to start looking online at styles and silhouettes that you like.  Schedule appointments for bridal stores in your area and don’t forget to take someone or multiple people with you!  It is a fun experience and you’ll enjoy their input and help to pick out dresses you may not even think you’ll like.

  1. Look for wedding ideas on Pinterest!

This is something you may have started before even being engaged or right after being engaged.  But, continue looking at wedding ideas and colors, flowers and cakes, dresses and accessories, entrances and exits, first dance songs and general reception songs, wedding favor ideas and programs, plus special ways to honor the important people in your life both present and those who have passed.  This is the time to dream big and find ways to work it into your special day.

  1. Remember what’s important

Other minor details will continue to pop up along the way, especially for DIY types of things.  Either way, you will want certain aspects of your wedding to feel personalized.  Everyone does but to varying degrees.

In conclusion, which is easier said than done, is to remember the purpose of the wedding and reception.  It is about making a commitment to your spouse.  It’s not about the dress, the flowers, the cake, etc.  Those are all just cultural norms and expectations.  They’re not requirements.  If a decision becomes stressful, set it aside or don’t include it in your wedding.  There’s a lot of things that are nice to have, but not necessary and you can cut out expenses by leaving them out.  I promise you, no one will notice what you don’t have.  Guests will only notice what you do have.  But, as harsh as it seems no one really remembers details about other people’s weddings.  They may remember one thing or two, but even in the time that fades.  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  So don’t stress!  Especially on the day of…if ANYTHING goes wrong, no one will even know it but you. 😉  That’s the glory of it all.  The details and party are really just for you.  So keep it simple to what you love most.


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