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Signs To Show He Loves You

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Signs to show He Loves You
Every woman knows how frustrating it is not to know if she is reciprocated with love. Situations vary from one guy to another. Perhaps this is one of the most difficult cases.

Everyone has heard the phrase: “there is no friendship between man and woman”. Even if the phrase is not 100% true, there are many relationships that emerge from a sincere friendship that begins with no second thoughts from either side.

If you have ever been in this situation (or are) you know how hard it is. Sometimes the proximity is great and who does not know you, even asks if you are boyfriends.

1. He talks to you often.
One of the first signs that man gives when he likes you is when he seeks out how you are and tries to pull the subject all the time. Even though he does not need to talk to you, he finds a reason to get your attention.

A friend who, every now and then, sends you a message all the time, or that guy you just met constantly calls you in WhatsApp – even if it’s just to ask about your day or talk about the weather it can be interesting.

2. He pays attention to what you say.
He not only listens but also remembers several things you said. If he likes you, he will listen to each word of you carefully and, after a while, bring it up again just to show you were involved in the conversation.

3. He always finds a way to be close to you.
If you work together, know the advantages and risks of dating at work, he will always try to spend lunchtime near you.

If you study together, you will volunteer to help you with the subjects that he knows you have difficulty with. If you offer to help her with some task, take you home or even accompany you to the subway station. He will always strive to be around.

4. He is jealous
Perhaps this is the clearest signal, but the most difficult to perceive. Unlike women who scowl or fight when another woman approaches, men tend to be more discreet.

Try to observe how he acts when you are near friends or when another man looks at you. A tip to know if he likes you: talk about a friend and see his reaction. If he likes you, he will be bothered about it.

5.He acts differently near you.
Unwillingly, his tone may change, he will be nervous or even shut up. Pay attention to how he acts close to his friends and how he acts close to you. If he changes when he is with you, he does it with the intention of pleasing you.

6. Body language
Several studies have proven that when a man sees a woman he likes, his pupils dilate. In fact, making eye contact for a long time is another sign. If he is shy, his hands may shake or become sweaty. It will also play on you more often. It can be “accidental,” like touching your arm, or putting your hand on yours when you are talking.

7. He compliments you
The extroverts will not spare praise. They will say how beautiful you are, praise your hair, your eyes, your body. If he likes you, he will praise you, but always show respect.

If he is shy, he can demonstrate in another way: praising his clothes, saying that he liked his hairstyle or haircut. In a subtle way, it will make you realize that it notices you.

Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual and often the signals may be slow to appear. But calm down! Invest in it and, above all, be yourself. This is always the best way to attract someone.

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