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How to use Scent leaves (Efinrin) as cure for malaria

by Adenike Akindude
How to use scent leaves (Efinrin) as cure for malaria

The August break is over and the rains are back. This means that the transmission of Malaria will be on the increase.

However, the Scent Leaf (Efinrin) has been proven to have potent properties that can deal with the mosquito-borne-parasites. It has a lot of health benefits which makes it an essential for every family. Apart from its distinctive smell, it has the capacity of treating various diseases including stomach flu, malaria, but to mention a few.

Scent leaves are common in Nigeria which makes it easily accessible and cheaper to use than other forms of treatments.

Scent leaves can be used effectively both for prevention from and cure of malaria.

For prevention, simply burn dry scent leaves as the smoke from the burning leaves would drive away mosquitoes in the environment, and thus prevent the transmission of malaria. This is one affordable way to curb the deadly disease. As they say, ‘prevention is better than cure.’

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Scent leaves as cure for Malaria
Scent leaves have effective antipyretic substance to reduce fever and cure malaria. To use the leaves as a cure for malaria, do the following:

· Get the leaves

· Wash them thoroughly

· Cook on fire with water as a way of getting tea out of it for some minutes after you notice it has brought out enough tea.

· Put down from the fire

· Drink while it is still warm

As you follow the aforementioned processes accurately, be assured of an effective treatment.

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However, for acute malaria or malaria that has become full blown, you may need to consult a health practitioner.

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