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Humour – Key to a fruitful relationship

by Okechukwu Liberty
Humour - Key to a fruitful relationship

Humour – Key to a fruitful relationship

If one was to choose among a catalogue of attributes that they might seek in a future partner, most people would choose to end up with people with a good sense of ‘HUMOUR’. It is no secret that the ability to banter and make amusing comments and engage in funny activities is one of the most amazing qualities in people.

Humour - Key to a fruitful relationship

Humour – Key to a fruitful relationship

Since the beginning of time, men have been trying to attract and keep a ladies attention with the use of their humour. Funny enough! (did you get the joke there😊) 50% of relationships began through humour leaving the remaining 50% to other things like financial strength, beauty, intelligence and so on.

You need not be a standup comedian to make your partner laugh. Real humour is shared in every single moment that you share.

That says a lot about how key; humour is to every relationship.

Daily Family researched how much humour influences your relationships and here we give you some instances.

A good sense of humour may not be the skeleton key to unlock a person’s heart, but it’s a key element of universal romance.ANTHONY GRAMUGLIA

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  1. Humour is key to Romance:

Fact is, ladies are willing to give their digits to guys who are able to crack them up with a joke or two, whether in a bus or in an event. A bit of witty comment about the conductor or some other passenger in the bus could do the trick.

Humour is key to Romance

Humour is key to Romance

The reason is that a sharp-witted statement or comment immediately registers as intelligence, and also makes you seem creative, socially aware and friendly- attributes we love to see in a partner. But you must make sure that the joke is original, unintending (you mustn’t make her feel like you’re trying too hard) and original (not a line from a pickup book).

There was this beautiful lady on the bus, I was thinking about how to best kick off a conversation with her but I already lost my wits, my nerves failed me. Suddenly the gods sent down an opportunity, a fat woman came into the bus with her big buttocks. 

She almost crushed my head with it, while trying to wriggle her way into a seat. 

“Madam, see my head ooh, ehhh!!!”

The lady beside me cracked up, her full 32 shown to the world in ‘4d’.

Yes, I thought to myself, I finally, made it. Before we stepped off the bus, I made sure to go full Basket Mouth on her. We exchanged contacts, she even told me to make sure I called her before the day ran out. 

3 years later we are expecting our second child. – Deji, Abuja

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2. Humour overlooks differences:

Humour help new couples adapt to each other’s nature. It can also help partners overcome several awkwardness that might arise during the course of knowing each other.

It’s always easier talking about your insecurities and the intimate aspects of life in a light-hearted mood and silly manner. It also allows you to criticize something about your partner without sounding judgmental or spiteful. Humour allows you diplomatic immunity, and your partner, in turn, won’t feel abused or unappreciated.

Once in a while, Gbenga is always making a mess when it comes to defining certain words, I try to help him, he knows this. So whenever he messes up, I call him ‘olodo’, then I correct him. 

He would chase me about the house when I do this, sometimes he would throw some of my stuff outside (Playfully). The neighbours think we are crazy when they discovered we were just playing around. I remember the first time my landlord came to settle the issue, I and Gbenga played along like it was something serious. 


“Ahah, Kemi, why would you call your husband an olodo, its bad of you ooh” Oga landlord stated.


3. Humour keeps you through hard times:

A well-timed joke brings a swift or slow end to the tension. When your partner is upset with you, it’s quite difficult to remain pissed when you’re cracking up. When everyone is at ease, you can go ahead and address the problem and resolve the argument. Humour helps make a friendlier environment where one can converse and where compromise is acceptable.

It also acts as a shock absorber against stress, setbacks, and bad patches in a relationship. It takes just one good joke and a good laugh together for things to get feel better.

Humour keeps you through hard times

Humour keeps you through hard times

Chidi just came back home, he just lost his job, he was quite moody. I wanted to lighten up the mood, wanted to make him feel better. So I remembered he had always complained of issues with his boss at the office. 

“So, you’ve finally sacked ya boss?” I said with a strong Igbo tone. 

It took some seconds for it to get in, then he cracked up, “Lemme oh, Rebeccah, I don’t have your strength this evening” he laughed.

After dinner, we made plans and talked about how to get by. 2 weeks later he got a new job. – Rebeccah Akachi

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4. Laugh together, stick together:

I basically do not own anything in this house, Nneka has successfully owned all my polos. If I go to the store to get a new one, she will audition it for me before I even get to wear it for once. I found it humorous, whenever I see her petite shape in my big polos. 

“Nah we get am.” is her response whenever I question her, we share a big laugh afterwards. 

Laugh together, stick together

Laugh together, stick together

According to research published in the journal, Evolutionary Psychology. it states that partners who share the same sense of humour and laugh together are likely to stay together for longer.


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