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Hunger strike home, as father abandon children for inability to provide feeding

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Hunger strike home, as father abandon children for inability to provide feeding

The home of an unidentified man has become the talk of the town as he is reported to have conspired with the step mother of his two children and abandon his offsprings following his inability to provide food for them.

Report has it that the Police operatives in Delta State are currently after the father of two who mercilessly abandoned his blood products at the Eruemukohwarien community axis of the East-West Road.

According to Vanguard, the children, male and female, aged five and seven, respectively, were discovered at 6 a.m wandering with a bag of some clothing items, by a good Samaritan at Eruemukohwarien community junction along the East-West Road, who took them to the spokesperson of the
community, Chief Ogherowho Sylvester.

Findings also revealed that the man abandoned his Kokori residence at Ethiope East Local Government Area when he learned that officials of the Ughelli Welfare Office and Police operatives from the Isiokolo Police Division were after him.

According to a community source, the children disclosed that they were brought from Kokori community in Ethiope East Local Government Area of the state in the late hours of the night by a commercial motorcycle operator, who they were handed over to by their father.

Confirming the incident, Chief Ogherowho said: “We were holding a meeting when one of our in-laws brought the children to us, saying they were found walking aimlessly at the Eruemukohwarien community junction”.

Ogherowho further noted that“When we interrogated them (children), they explained that they are from Kokori community and that their father paid an Okada rider to drop them at any place outside Kokori and the local government council, owing to the fact that their father and step-mother could no longer feed them”.

The spokesperson also said that “two others and I were delegated by the leadership of the community to take the children to the Police and report the matter, while officials of Ughelli Welfare Office took them into custody.

“Days after, I inquired to know if the Police had been able to locate the father of the children, but the IPO in charge of the case told me that the welfare officials, who had visited Kokori to accost the man, failed to apprehend him as he had fled the community following information that he is being hunted by the Police for his action.”


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