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“I am Looking for a Husband Material” 20-Years-Old Lady Cries Out

by Israel Akintunji

A 20 years old lady, whose name is Simisola gave a brief biography of herself after indicating her interest in a man.

These details basically conveyed the fact that she had what it takes to be married and for her, she really intended to be settled by the year 2022.

She said: “Please I am looking for a husband material. I’m 5’7. Age, 20. Half graduate (dem never give kpali). I love cooking. I’m part Tom boy. I’m very interesting. I don’t give wahala. Please Rt, he is on your TL. I want to be a MRS in 2022. I’m serious”.

After giving a description of herself, the beautiful 20-year-old went on to talk about the kind of man she wanted.

According to her, she was fine with any man so long as he had a good job, was not a bore and will not go on to be obsessed or angry with her. “He should be above 6ft. Good looking. Good job. Not a bore. Not obsessed. No anger issues. We’re good to go”.

Accordingly, the beautiful lady has been replied by a number of men who want to have a go at her ‘application’. But while many of them did not fit into her criteria, many more also took to pointing out faults in her and insinuating that she was asking for too much.

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