Chigozie Stephanie Alichi, is an award winning movie star and a graduate of Enugu state University of Technology. In this exclusive interview with DAILYFAMILY, Chigozie recounts how she was priviledged to put a smile on the faces of her parent after she starved herself to build them a befitting edifice better than the mud house they once lived in.


Can we meet you please?
My name is Chigozie Stephanie Alichi popularly known as Chizzy Alichi.


Can you tell us about your educational background?
I Am an Agricultural Engineering graduate from the university of science and technology Enugu state University of Technology (ESUT).


Why have you chosen movie instead of Agriculture engineering ?
I have passion for acting and at same time I wanted an engineering degree.


What will you refer to as that great thing you have achieved this year?
The greatest thing I have achieved this year is completing my village building project for my family and winning plenty awards.

Chigozie Stephanie Alichi
Chigozie Stephanie Alichi

Can you tell us some of those awards you won?
Nigeria achievers awards. Best of Nollywood (Bon) awards.


Tell us about your upbringing?
I was not born with a silver spoon so my upbringing was simple. I lived with my elder brother in Nnewi, in Anambra state where I did primary and secondary education before coming back to join my parents in Enugu where I had my university education.

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Lets get to know who your parents are
My father, Mr Alexander Alichi is a civil servant while my mother, Mrs Janet Alichi is a trader.

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You made a post on Instagram on how you were able to build a house for your parent. Tell us the story behind it.
It was a dream come through for me. Like I said before, I was not born with a silver spoon but I was determined to make it in life to make myself and my family proud. My family was staying one one room (public Yard) and immediately I graduated and started acting and getting some small money. The first thing I did was to relocate us (my family and I) to a three bedroom flat in the heart of the city then I started saving for the building because we don’t travel home because there is not place to stay in the village and it breaks my heart when my friends come back to gist me every year about their experience in their villages and my dad almost sold off our compound to patch the bad one so we can be travelling home. He has worked all his life so that he could build a good house in his compound but he couldn’t and that was his only wish in life, so I struggled and saved and denied myself most beautiful things to get it done and I am the happiest girl on earth today.

The old house
The old house
The New House
The New House


What were the reactions, opposition, hindrances while you were saving up for your Village building?
My greatest opposition is people calling me megbeke because I wasn’t wearing designers like them and showing off.


Which industry will you say you are a professional in?
I am a professional in Nigeria movie industry (Nollywood).

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Tell us about your marital status
I am single, though not searching. *Laughs


Have you ever seen future for yourself in Agriculture Engineering which you studied in school?
Yes I have, though I have not started practicing but in time to come I will go into my field. I can do contracts (government and private) and can also open a big farm. Agriculture is a very important sector in not just our country but the whole world.


What will be the great thing you will be glad you achieve before this year runs out
Well the year has almost come to an end, but i am glad for what I have achieved so far and i am looking forward to a greater 2018 .


So what will you refer to as your greatest achievement in 2017?
My greatest achievement in 2017 is getting to another level in my career and building for my parents.

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