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Bisi Oludare

Every organization has their rules and how they work but some employers don’t really care about how their employees are fairing. All they are particular about is just for the work to be done not minding how it is done.

There are two classes of employers; there are the CATTLE REARER EMPLOYERS & SHEPHERD EMPLOYERS

The Cattle Rearers are selfish, self-centered, dictatorial, and could be tyrannical while the Shepherd Employers are very loving and caring.
Here are important features you need to look out for if you want to get a new job so that you don’t get a job that will cost you your life and destiny.

1. The Cattle Rearer employers do not care about your well-being, all they are after is for the work to be delivered even if it is at the expense of your life while the Shepherd Employers are caring and are ready to work all the way with you

2. Your personal goal is not important to a cattle rearer employer but the achievement of your goals is important to a shepherd. Shepherd employers will even push you to achieve your own vision and goal as you work with them

3. Cattle Rearer Employers don’t pay salary on time, they don’t mind to frustrate their employees while a Shepherd Employer pays salary as at when due

4. A Cattle Rearer just want you to work for him/her while a Shepherd Employer is ready to work with you until you both become successful

5. Just as the name Sounds, cattle rearer, they are all about feeding on you till they suck you dry and they feel they don’t need you again but a Shepherd employer will groom you and even allow you to attend training so that you can grow

6. A Cattle Rearer employer sacks indiscriminately while a Shepherd Employer will not do that. Before a Shepherd Employer can sack you, it would be that you truly deserves it

7. Remember, cattle rearers are everywhere so also are Shepherds.

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