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How to identify husband material among Nigerian guys

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How to identify husband material among Nigerian guys

Bisi Oludare

Identifying a guy that can be your husband as a lady is very important. There are lots of guys out there but how many are really husband materials? By husband material, how many of them can you fully entrust your destiny into their hands and you are sure that they will not shatter your dream.

Listed below are some of the way to identify husband material among Nigerian guys.

1. They have charisma: they have a good carriage and attractive not only physically but even in the way they communicate. They communicate with power and dignity

2. They know what they want: husband material know what they want in a lady and they go for it without beating around the bush. They simply direct with respect

3. Good listener: they are not all about themselves alone but are good listeners. They don’t listen because they want to reply but they listen so as to understand the other person

4. They Respect their Parents: Husband materials are respectful especially in the way they treat their mother with honour

5. They consider other people’s opinion: they allow other people to talk not just a lady but even their male friends. They don’t dominate conversations

6. They are composed: they are never caught unawares but are always composed to deliver whenever the need arises. They don’t jitter.

7. They are not domineering: they are not ‘Mr. Know All’ who wants his will carried out to the letters over that of others. They don’t dictate and expect their opinion to be the final.

8. They are not proud, a husband material is not proud but humble and even this is seen in the way they address people

9. They have focus: he knows where he is going and so he is focused. He doesn’t allow anything to distract him from the goal he has set for himself

10. They respect women: this is one attribute that typifies husband materials, they respect women. They don’t talk down to women and they don’t relegate women with their speech

11. They are not beaters: they are not lady-beaters but they pamper ladies. This is seen in the way they treat their siblings who are females and even the way they address their mothers and other females outside

12. They are generous but prudent: they know how to spend generously and not extravagantly because they know they are not out to please anybody.

13. They don’t demand sex when they are not married. Husband materials are men that are ready to take you to the altar, not ‘kill and go or chop wipe mouth’ guys who only want sex and after everything disappear into the thin air

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