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If he loves even these 8 things about you it’s because he’s crazy about you

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If he loves even these 8 things about you it’s because he’s crazy about you
Do you know when a relationship works out? When two people, besides loving themselves, choose faults with which they will be able to live together. And you see that you pick the defects too. When you choose someone, everything comes in the package, it’s already included. But if he has chosen you, he has chosen your faults and furthermore you still love these eight things, it is because he is crazy even by you!

1. Your “Conversation”
Researchers at the University of Maryland in the United States tested on mice and humans and tested what a neuropsychiatrist published in 2006: women speak about twenty thousand words a day, while men say only seven thousand. Is it like this in your house too? And does he enjoy his endless affairs, the minute details you use to tell a fact? Okay, we already have a clue that he’s really crazy about you.

2. Your DRs
Men do not like the famous DRs and human behavior scholars point to two possibilities for justification for this disgust: they find it time-consuming to argue and prefer to solve it differently or because they take longer to recover from the stress caused during the discussion. Whatever the reason, in general, men run away from that moment of putting the “pingos nos is”. If your partner does not shy away, but on the contrary, he likes it. So you’re very lucky.

3. Your over-organization
For everything, there must be a balance, even for the organization. Exaggeration and obsession in the organization of the agenda, time for everything, even to date, usually frighten men. If you are one of those and it worked, or we are facing a male exception or he likes you so much that he does not even bother about exaggerations.

4. Your jealousy
A little jealousy can even, in some cases represent care, fear of losing. But too much jealousy pushes the other away. Especially the men. In case you have found someone who cuts to your exaggerated jealousy and deals in good with this is because really the feeling is so great that it surpasses even the great villain of relationships.

5. Your criticisms
If you are one of those who always has a suggestion for his life or always criticizes the decoration of his house, clothes, habits … If he listens to her, and still answers his criticism, he really is very much in love.

6. Your Haste By Marriage
Needless to say, most women complain about living in long relationships without a prospect of marriage. There are rare quick wedding exceptions. If you’re part of that last group, then he’s crazy about you. If you know each other shortly and he wants to get married, he’s really crazy about you.

7. Your orders
You’re the one who dictates the rules and he’s the one who does everything? Everyone likes to serve, to feel useful, but also to be served. If he is your electrician, mechanic, cook, driver, nurse, boyfriend and still loves having so many functions is synonymous with being madly in love with you and serving you is just a good consequence.

8. You enough
It is very common for a couple to fight because the man wants to go out with friends and the wife does not accept, does not agree and does not like. If you do not even have this kind of disagreement or this topic is not on the agenda because he has given up the little things and just wants to be with you, it is because you are enough. After all, he’s crazy about you!

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