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If you answer yes to these 8 questions, you are in a happy relationship

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If you answer yes to these 8 questions, you are in a happy relationship
Are you really in a happy relationship? Are you two going to hold on for long or are things grinding?

With the annoying doubts and hunches that often arise when you begin to date someone seriously, it sometimes becomes difficult to know if you are really in a good and happy relationship. In answering these eight questions, you may gain some insight and clarification about your love. But remember, it is important to be honest with yourself and respond honestly to each one of them.

1. Is she in your thoughts often?
How often do your thoughts tend to turn to her? A good sign is that she is the first person you think about when you wake up.

2. Do you care about him?
This may contradict the idea of happiness, but if you occasionally worry about your half-face, it’s a real sign that things are going very well. It makes you happy, which, in turn, makes you worry about your well-being because you care a lot about it.

3. Does she treat you with respect?
A little RESPECT does a miracle, especially with regard to happiness in the relationship. A couple in a strong and healthy relationship shows much consideration and mutual appreciation. There is by no means any happiness in the relationship when people are disrespected and coarse with each other.

4. Do you feel that it makes you a better person?
If it makes you want to be a better person (better yet, it has already made you a better person), it is almost certain that you are in a happy relationship. Not only that, but it’s a sign that your relationship will also be happy in the long run.

5. Is he kind to you?
Kindness is essential if the relationship is to be happy and healthy. You should never, ever, allow rudeness, not to mention any other form of abuse, of the person you love. Having a loving partner is a guarantee that you will find joy and satisfaction with him at your side.

6. Can you imagine what life would be like without it?
It may sound cheesy, but when people say things like “I can not imagine my life without him/her,” what they really mean is that they feel completely sure that their relationship makes them happy, and without it they would be miserable.

7. Does it make you feel special, important, and loved?
In other words, does he do those small and big things to show that he cares? Anything from a small and beautiful text message to let you know you’re in your thoughts, to a big birthday surprise; a partner in a happy relationship will make you feel special.

8. Are you happier now than you were before you met her?
This may be an obvious question to determine the happiness of a relationship, but it needs an answer to indicate to what extent things are going well. Do you really feel happier now than you did before you were together? If the answer is yes, that’s great!

Did you answer yes to the eight questions? If so, you are lucky or lucky enough to be in a happy relationship and that has taken a very promising course.

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