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‘Ile Epo’ Popular Lagos market shut down

by O. S David

‘Ile Epo’ Popular Lagos market shut down  

-Ojo Taiwo

Activities on Tuesday at the popular Iile Epo market was halted, as task force closed down the market earlier in the day.  According to some shop owners, Mr. Sidikat Ajala and Mr Charles Okafor said the task force came from Alausa Ikeja to lock the market for sanitation issues.

Okafor said ‘’this morning by 4am, the task force came to lock the market, because the environment was dirty.’’
He said there was no prior notice of warning to the market before the task forces came. He stated further ‘’ they came with three vans and over 250 people was arrested, goods were destroyed and many were injured.’’
He added that the chairman had a meeting with everyone, and he employs them to clean up, and after cleaning they will re-open the market.
The financial secretary for the Hausa’s, Suraja Wamza, also spoke with our reporter, he said ‘‘the market was locked down by the task force. It is the work of our enemy.”

“The task force and the developer are our enemies; the council joins hands with them to write petitions against us, it was a plan work.” He said
He also added ‘‘The developer met council for a contract to demolish the market for no reason, just to wicked us.”

Wamzan said the chairman, Awali Dangaladima, the secretary Nasir M.D and vice chairman Alhaji Ubalah has gone to meet the commissioner of environment.
“They came around 4am, they bugled shops, stole over 7million and arrested over 300 people, both men, and women”
‘‘The former sole administrator popularly known as Parmiwa, want this market demolished. He was acting in place of chairman for almost a year before another chairman was elected. He increases the fees for toilet and stalls from N1,600 to N3,600 and the shops’ fee from N3,000 to N6,600.”

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Suraja added ‘‘Any truck or lorry that comes to offload pays N1,000 while the small buses pay N500. We are still paying this amount till date.”
According to ‘Baba Oja’ Alhaji Oyinlola, he said they lock the market because it’s dirty. He said ‘‘I don’t know how many people they arrested but when I came I heard a lot of people were arrested.’’

He said, cleaning is on-going, immediately the cleaning is done with, they will communicate with the task force to re-open the market.
One of the leaders who choose to remain anonymous attested to the incident and also said ‘‘the surprising thing is, we saw caterpillars, we don’t know what it came for, but we chase them away.’’

  ilepo market

Efforts to reach the task force was not successful as at the time of this report.

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