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Important Things To Know If You Want To Get Married At Ikoyi Registry

by O. S David

Important Things To Know If You Want To Get Married At Ikoyi Registry

-Family Reporter

It is no more news that everybody wants to be married at Ikoyi registry in Lagos even if they are still going to be joined in the church or mosque.
It is a good thing to desire to be married in Ikoyi registry being a renowned Federal marriage registry in the country but do you know all it takes to be eligible for marriage at Ikoyi Registry?

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It is very important to know that Ikoyi registry doesn’t join male and male or female and female but male and female are the only eligible people to be joined in marriage. That is why they must obtain Affidavit of bachelorhood/spinsterhood.

Also, gone are those days when people say registry marriage is cheap.
Today, it is actually expensive and it goes with the song of that musician; Oritshefemi, which says, ‘Eni ba ma segbeyawo ase gudugudu meje’ meaning if you want to be married you must be fit in all ways.

Here are some of the requirements;

1.      Two passport photograph each
2.      Photocopy of birth certificate/declaration of age
3.      Affidavit of bachelorhood/spinsterhood
4.      Affidavit of single with a child/children (this is majorly for
single parents seeking to be married)
5.      Affidavit of same wife/same husband
6.      Divorce paper/death certificate (applicable to people who are
divorced or lost their spouse)
7.      Payment of #31,000
We asked some people about the payment and we were informed that it used to be less than #10,000.
You must also note that the first thing to do is to confirm from your church if they are registered with the federal government and if they issue the federal government marriage certificate. If they do, then
all you need to get from the Ikoyi registry is Church License but if not you will have to wed there and get the FG
marriage certificate.
You need this certificate should you want to travel out of the country in the future.
Also, note that the wedding days at the registry are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If you are getting married on any of the weekdays, you will pay #1,000 but if it is Saturday you will pay #3,500.

The dress code;
Men: Suit & Tie
Ladies: Skirt Suit/Trouser Suit/Gown
Token: Bible/Quran/Wedding ring

Then you will need 2 witnesses (1 from groom and 1 from the bride), and they must be older than you.
I believe when you are fully armed with this information, you can now go ahead and have a jolly good marriage at the famous Ikoyi Registry.

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youknow May 25, 2017 - 9:20 pm

nice one.i love this post……………………………..but that 31000 is too much….help to tell govt to reduce it


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