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Important Things to Know Before You Marry a Physically Challenged Person

by Adenike Akindude
Physically challenged lady finds love -dailyfamily.ng

Important Things to Know Before You Marry a Physically Challenged Person

Marriage is better enjoyed when the two persons involved are well prepared to face the challenges that come with it. It is not wrong to marry a physically challenged person but it is good to know that this can be demanding.

Physically challenged lady finds love -dailyfamily.ng

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Getting married to a physically challenged person is totally different from getting married to a person that is not physically challenged. The reason for this is because of the peculiarity of their conditions.

Here are the important things you should know before getting married to a physically challenged person:

  • True Love is Key

As long as you are ready to marry a person who is physically challenged, you must be sure that you truly love this person and also make sure that you don’t attach your love to feelings or something that is temporal or else you may get tired along the way.

  • Understand the person’s condition well

It is very important for you to know and understand the condition of your intended spouse because this will help you to relate well with the person and understand when he/she needs your care the most.

  • Know the level of your strength

Marriage involves two people that are not perfect coming together with their strengths and weaknesses. This is why you must know yourself and understand the things you can cope with or what you can’t live with. If your intended spouse has some conditions you feel you may not be able to cope with, please think well about marrying the person because this may break the marriage in the future.

  • Know how to take care of the person’s condition

Getting to know the peculiar condition of your intended spouse is not enough. It is important for you to know the ways to care for people in such condition because you will have to live with him/her for the rest of your lives and there will be times when there will be no one else around to help.

  • Be ready to accommodate the person’s weaknesses

Apart from the physical condition that is visible or easy to know, people that are physically challenged have so many emotional and other issues they have to deal with. Ask questions, understand the state of your intended spouse’s emotion and other things he/she may still be dealing with.

  • Build your emotion

If you are preparing to marry a person with any physical challenge, you must be strong with your emotion to help that person through trying times. You must not be a person who is fearful or emotionally down always. Work well on your emotion before going into marriage.

  • Be ready to be a support always

Physically challenged people are always in need of support even if they like to hide this fact. They need all the support they can get and this you must be ready to give always. You must never be selfish, faraway or even complain about being disturbed by them or their condition.

Remember that if you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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