Moji Sote, a graduate from the University of Liverpool and founder of Shortys Barbecue has expressed her thought about marriage and what she think makes marriage work. In this Exclusive interview with her, she told DAILYFAMILY that it is always important to leave room for forgiveness in marriage.

Can we meet you please?
My name is Moji Sote.

"In marriage always leave room for forgiveness" Moji Sote
Moji Sote

What is the name of your catering outfit?
It is called Shortys Barbecue.


For how long have you been in existence ?
Well we have been in a existence officially five years ago, but we have been running it in-house for 15-years, holding onto our secret and then we decide to bring it out to the public.


Why do you think it is important to hold onto your secret?

Your secret is a secret. That is your source, that’s your power. Your trade secret is what is what identifies you, it is what makes you unique and what works for you, what makes your business grow and you wouldn’t want to sell out what works for you. However the public can be a part of it, that is why we decided to set up Shortys barbecue.


For how long have you been setting up at the Experience?

Well this is the first time that Shortys barbecue will set up at the Experience. Well i have been to The Experience some 13-years ago but this is the first time I will set up here.


For those many years, were you here as an Entrepreneur or a participant of the concert?

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No, I just came to be a participant and it was really awesome. Experience back then obviously has evolved. Couple of musicians coming, gospel artiste, you know you feel the Spirit in the atmosphere and I think that is what the Experience is all about.


How has it been, starting up Shortys barbecue?

On like every business you know every business has it’s ups and downs, challenges but somehow we have been able to weld down the storm. We just have to keep going and let the public know about Shortys barbecue. It’s not easy setting up a business, in a very harsh environment like Nigeria but if you have a good product, a product that works for you, a product you know that can outlive you, then despite all the challenges that you have, you just have to keep at it.


Are you married?
Yes married and with children


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What has the challenge been like married and running your business?

Well running a home. I am not just running barbecue. I am an I.T analyst and i work in an oil and industry. However Cooking is my husband’s passion and doing business is my own passion, so somehow We met ourself in the middle. So we both work in oil and gas industry actually.


Can you take us a bit into your Educational background?

I studied computer science and I have my masters degree, MBA University of Liverpool.


So are you telling me you can let go of oil and gas for Shortys barbecue comparing the level of income generated from it?

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I didn’t let go of oil and gas and like I told you, I am an I.T analyst and have been working in the industry for the past 17-years now, however Shortys barbecue is my business the oil and gas is not my business. This is my own business that can outlive me, that I can pass on to the next generation. And thank God for the support of my husband And my children, I have been able to manage both working as a corporate person and also as an Entrepreneur.


How is your experience in marriage been like?
My marriage has been interesting. It is filled with ups and done just like in any home. I mean you are married to someone you think you know but it is until you get married that you get to know yourself. But most importantly it is the love. It is the love you have that actually sustains your marriage. So despite those challenges when you remember that love you have for that person it will be easy to forgive and let go despite all those challenges, when you remember all those challenges you will be able to go.

And most importantly it is prayer and love that you need. It is prayer and love that actually takes you back when your trust is broken. In marriage always leave room for forgiveness.

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