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Iron-rich foods for anemia

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Iron-rich foods for anemia
Iron-rich foods for anemia include:

Foods rich in iron of animal origin , like the red meats and the egg because the iron of these foods is absorbed with facility.

Foods rich in iron of vegetal origin like the beans, the peas or the parsley. These foods should always be consumed with a source of vitamin C such as orange, strawberry or sweet pepper, to improve the absorption of iron. For example, eat rice with black beans and orange for dessert.

In addition to iron-rich foods for anemia, it is also important to follow other feeding tips like:

Avoid eating calcium-rich foods with the main meals such as yogurts, pudding, milk or cheese because calcium is a natural inhibitor of iron absorption.

Avoid eating whole foods at lunch and dinner, because the phytates present in the cereals and fibers of whole foods, reduce the efficiency of iron absorption in food.

Avoid eating sweets, red wine, chocolate and some herbs to make tea, because they have polyphenols and phytates, which are inhibitors of iron absorption.

Cooking in an iron pot is a way to increase the amount of iron from poor foods such as rice, for example.

Mixing fruits and vegetables in juices can also be a great way to enrich the diet in iron. Two great rich iron recipes are the pineapple juice whipped in the blender with fresh parsley and the stewed liver steak.

Try out this foods and let us know how they affect you. Just endervour to leave us a comment.

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