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Is Energetic Stimulants Bad for Health? Learn here

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Is Energetic Stimulants Bad for Health? Learn here
To keep the mind active and the body awake many people use energetics, whether for parties, too much commitment or even to study better. According to this article, a research done in Germany showed the reality of drinking and the evil it does to the human body.

The hearts of young men and women, all healthy, were monitored. After one hour of ingestion cardiac contractions were increased significantly, keeping the heart working much more than usual. Overloading is harmful and may cause future problems.

Other studies have shown that some effects of energy drinks include insomnia, stomach and headaches, palpitations, arrhythmias, seizures and even sudden death. Taurine, present in beverages, increases the release of calcium into the heart muscle. Other elements present in the energetics are:

If a cup of coffee is enough to make you awake, the energy drinks will do this three times. Excess caffeine directly affects the central nervous system, causes dehydration and the loss of water-soluble nutrients that normally soothe the nervous system. This will cause restlessness, sleep disorders and may increase anxiety, making it chronic.

Other stimulants
Guarana, acai, ginseng, inositol, ginkgo biloba, creatine and other ingredients responsible for stimulation when ingested in excess can impair good health.

Their high amount in the drink may be responsible for blood glucose spikes, and harmful to diabetics or those at risk of the disease.

Before consuming the drink it is important to know if everything is right with the heart and if it is strong enough to withstand the great extra workload it will receive. Also, it is important to keep in mind that some people may be more harmed by ingesting energy.

Children and youth who use the product are potentially exposed because their central nervous system is probably not yet fully developed. Damage is usually felt in the long run.

Energy drinks and alcohol do not match. Caffeine increases the absorption of alcohol ingested in the body increasing the risk of intoxication. For those who drink the energetic thinking of canceling out the sleeping effect of alcohol, it is good to know that the opposite is true.

Insomnia caused by ingestion of the drink in one night can become cyclical, because when sleep comes during the day the person takes another energetic and so it changes nocturnal habits and harms other sectors.

More natural recommendations include:

1. Sleep properly.

2. Eat wisely.

3. Rest properly.

4. Plan the tasks and not accumulate excessive work.

5. Be happy.

Before taking the energy drink it is good to reflect whether the benefit will be greater than the harm presented here. Understanding how it works in the body makes it easier to decide and choose the best way to stay alert.

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