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It is for this reason that you should continue fighting for your marriage

by Family Center

It is for this reason that you should continue fighting for your marriage
Many people wonder what would really be worth it to continue fighting for marriage. Most people would think about love, the family that has been formed, the financial, after all a divorce causes very great losses both in the pocket and in family relationships.

However, the ideal reason to continue fighting for marriage would be commitment. And if both are truly committed to the agreement they made in marriage they will exercise their own ability to change their way of being and to act to adapt and shape the marital relationship.

Commitment is decisive in showing whether or not the marital relationship will last. Unfortunately, it does not work when only one side has it. When both really have the desire to preserve and fight for the choice they have made previously it will have effects and bring good results.

If love was the starting point, why should it now be turned into commitment? Simply because who truly loves is committed. And if the commitment is no longer important, it is because love is also chilling and needs care. Some internal issues can be answered for those who want to change and fight for marriage:

What is my share of responsibility for what is going wrong and what needs to work out?

Do my relationships throughout my life end up suffering the same problems? What can I do to break this pattern?

What do I expect from this relationship? What are the future and immediate plans?

Can I visualize feasibility for the joint and individual plans in the relationship?

Is my gaze to the other real or imaginary? Is the expectation that I have created authentic or fanciful?

Am I expecting something from the other person that does not exist?

Is change possible on the other side too?

Are we both interested in improving and solving problems and living nicely side by side?

Is our dialogue productive? What can we do to improve and actually build?

Is there empathy on both sides?

The best person to save a marriage is the owner of it. When each spouse finds the reason that leads him to fight for the marriage and work on his own evaluation and internal changes, the couple will only have to win.

Individual development need not only be in the professional, educational or cultural area. By perfecting yourself the benefit will be enormous for both of you and the marriage will gain new life and meaning.

By evaluating and improving the points individually and as a couple the relationship will gain new airs and the desire to remain together will become very strong. The individual commitment will make the relationship look different and each will recognize that caring for and fighting for marriage will be the right choice in their lives.

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